George Town Malaysia – The Tenth Most Liveable City In Asia

The capital of the island state of Penang has a wonderful feeling of a bygone age having been colonized in 1786 by a trader of the British East India Company. Now ranked as the tenth most liveable city in Asia, it is rich in colonial-era architecture, but this is now dwindling as modern buildings spring up while heritage controls are still to be developed.

Walking aimlessly around George Town is the best way to see it, as crumbling shop fronts from colonial days pepper the streets and transport you back to another era. Many buildings combine colonial and Chinese styles, testimony to the blend of cultures in the city, and George Town has one of the largest collections of nineteenth and early twentieth century buildings in South East Asia. Cheong Fatt Tze Mansion, winner of UNESCO‘s Asia-Pacific Heritage 2000 Award for Conservation, is a fantastic example of the melting pot of cultures. Head to the Colonial Quarter to see the best architecture and Fort Cornwallis is a must-see for an insight into the founding of George Town Malaysia, and marks the spot of the first. landing on Penang.

George Town Malaysia is comprised mostly of Chinese and Muslim dwellers, and that is reflected in the religious sites around the city. Things are much older here, though, and the temples and mosques date back to the nineteenth century. Traveling to different places in the country is excellent with leiebil nord services. The ratings and rankings can be checked to deliver the best results with the correct decision. The information availability is the correct and genuine one to select the right model. It will deliver a happy and amazing journey. 

Eating is huge in George Town Malaysia, and almost all social interaction focuses around a meal. Penang is famous for its food, namely the street hawkers and the seafood caught from its shores. Choose from Nyonya, Chinese, vegetarian, Indian, Malay, Hakka, seafood and desserts.

For a different temple experience head to Snake Temple, dedicated to a Buddhist priest and healer, and inhabited by green tree snakes and venomous vipers. Watch out for the snake handlers who will pester you to hold a snake so they can take your photo.

If you arrive in May or June the Penang International Dragon Festival takes place in a flourish of activity and colour on the Teluk Bahang Dam. Drums beat to keep the rowers in time and crowds roar from the shore, cheering their team on. This is a two day festival, during which teams from across the world descend on a George Town Malaysia at its best.

When To Travel To George Town Malaysia

Try to plan your trip around a festival to see a different side to the city. There are many to choose from ? Hindu, Muslim or Buddhist.

Don’t Miss To Visit This Place In George Town Malaysia

A trip above George Town to Penang Hill for a stunning view of the city and some respite from the humidity below.

Am I Viral Yet? How About Now? Now?

Promoting your business with a viral video can sound like free money. Simply make a clever or funny or shocking video, then release it and let the money start rolling in, right? As ridiculous as that sounds, it seems to be the “strategy” many employ with web video.”First, let’s define who makes a viral video. You don’t. I don’t. People who claim they do – don’t. Viewers on the internet do. That seems obvious, but it’s an important mental shift to make. It’s not the creation that makes a video viral, it’s the reaction.

While you have some influence over the reaction, it is not entirely in your hands.There are three things you can do to encourage your video to not just “go viral,” but to actually net a tangible result;1. Start with great content2. Create an effective Call to Action3. Work the social media networkAs the Creative Director for GoodSide Studio, a video production company in Seattle, I can speak with authority on content and have a few words to offer about Call to Action. I’ll leave the third step to a follow up article by Leif Hansen of Spark Social Media.Imagine it’s your first day at a new school.

You don’t get to decide if you’re going to be popular or not. The other kids do . . . or don’t. Do you really want to be popular? Of course you do! But what kind of popular, and at what cost? You can try to be popular with everyone by emulating the cool kids and trying to please absolutely everyone. But let’s get real, that never works, and even if it did, you’d wind up with a bunch of shallow connections because you’re not presenting your true self. To make meaningful connections, you have to show true yourself and visit your main purpose. Turns out your Mom was right.

A lot of viral techniques involve trickery and deception. Don’t use them if your intent is to do anything other than “get a million views, Dude.”I don’t agree with some of the points and deceptive techniques in this video, but it will add to your understanding of what can be done.Here’s an example I love. All fun, all the time!These are great, fun videos that never once mention the quality of the product. They always seem kooky and fun, never self-serving, yet they show their product doing amazing things! Within a week of release, the first “Will it Blend” video had over 6 million hits

Here’s an article about its makers:

You want to do more than simply “get a million views, Dude,” so in addition to creating content that will present your product, cause or idea in a positive light, it’s very effective to include a call to action.

Here’s an example of doing it well:

These videos are funny beyond funny, and very well produced – even well acted, but that’s not why I love them. I love them because they have an honest to goodness Call to Action. Bless them. In order to watch more videos you have to sign up with your email address. This requirement actually prevents the videos from going truly viral. T

How To Get Found On Facebook

Facebook has recently told us that it has 150 million users log-in to its website every single day. So if you have a business, you may as well try out Facebook for marketing. That’s a lot of potential customers out there. Many businesses have done this recently, some of them even scrapping time on their website and trading it in for time on Facebook. Although with popularity comes competition. Can you imagine how many Facebook Pages are out there competing with yours? The mind boggles.

You need to think differently to get noticed but if you do the benefits are tremendous. Here are a few ways. Some of the benefits of the buying of the likes and comments at the social platform are listed below. Visit Website at the search engines which offers the correct and real information to the people. The information about the ways is provided to the people. 

  1. Use your profile photo well – Make sure it tells people who land on your page who you are and more importantly what you have to give them. People on Facebook have itchy fingers, they don’t wait around for long. Get their attention as quickly as you can and keep it. Make it as big as you can and eye catching.
  2. Use your name well – What name would attract you to a page? Be brutally honest with this one here. Often, you should just use the businesses name here. If it’s a franchise, you may want to add the city name as well to differentiate it (eg. Wetherspoons Piccadilly).
  3. Use your URL well – On Facebook, you can choose to have a standard URL which has a tonne of numbers after the forward slash or you can have a Vanity URL. Tonnes of people will find your business simply by typing ‘’. This may also help your business in Search Engine Rankings. Also, if you get an official sounding name it shows authority. Businesses with names like “AutomotiveParts34” just sound silly and people will not be sure if it is what they’re looking for.
  4. Give followers good information – When you get to the Information box on Facebook, fill it in with as much useful information as you can. Tell them a little about your history and then go straight into how you can help them. Also, use a lot of Keywords related to your business so that you get tonnes of traffic from Search Engines. Words for a car company might be – exhaust, petrol, chassis etc.
  5. Personal touch – A fantastic way to do this is to make a page on which you can add extra tabs. They show at the top of the page and if they seem interesting, others will click on them. You may have seen these already with tabs like ‘Discussion’ and ‘Forum’ appearing regularly. Keep on connecting with those Facebook fans and they will do the marketing for you. Every time that they post something, it comes up on their news feed for all their friends to see which is great publicity. Word of mouth is the best there is.
  6. Use current networks – If you already have networks online for your business then tell them about your Facebook page. It helps to put a little banner on your website/blog about your Facebook presence. Many people will prefer to connect with you on this site as they are on it so often anyways. It only takes a second and is worth trying out.

Be Happy And Successful With These 7 Amazing Inspirational Tips

It is important for everyone to become successful and stay happy in life. But becoming successful and being happy are two different things entirely. If you are looking forward to becoming both successful and happy, then you should follow these inspirational tips described below. You can also read Michael Scott quotes to get such inspiration tips. 

  • Create a personal growth plan for yours

You really need to devise a personal growth plan for yourself if you really want to become both successful and happy. Personal growth is really important in life. 

  • Invest in education

Investing in education is likely to pay off in the long run. Your education determines your success in life. This education can also help you in leading a happy life. 

  • Imagine your success and happiness daily

If you can imagine it, you can get it. This is why you should imagine being successful and happy daily and one day, you will achieve it. 

  • Always feel motivated

Motivation can let someone do a lot of things. This is why you should always feel motivated and inspired to become successful and happy in life. 

  • Choose your company carefully

You are the average of 5 people you spend your most time with. Hence, you need to choose your company carefully because it will shape your character and personality. 

  • Think positive

Even in the face of Armageddon, you should think and stay positive. If you think the positive, then positive things will happen. This way, you will become both happy and successful. 

  • Have values

It is of utmost importance for you to have some values and ethics to become successful and happy in life. Having values is a must if you really want to get happiness and success. Some Michael Scott quotes can help you in this regard. 

Best Virtual Data Rooms Comparison – How it is effective?

There are many online data repositories now available and it could be rather difficult that you can determine which one to choose for your project. Below you can find some useful tips which you should help you get the most out of your VDR.

To find the right virtual data room service provider you should, first of all, ask yourself which features you will require for your project. You will need to realize what you want from a VDR. Continue to keep in mind that when you refine every details, the complete experience will be enhanced.

You will have to read the best virtual data room reviews and find away more how a reliable VDR can be used in your particular industry or a project. While making comparison, Data Room information should be reliable and secure one. The checking of the reviews is there to meet with the room requirements. The preparation of the project is great for the industry. The charges of using the room should be less in comparison to the other virtual room which is selected. 

An additional important facet of choosing the proper service for building your project is the availability of a trial offer. Never buy one- yr or half-year membership without needing the chosen provider’s free trial. Usually, VDR providers offer 1-month free regular membership, a 60-days trial or a 3-month free trial. The length of the free trial can fluctuate depending on specific provider.

Select only those online data repositories that offer 24/7/365 support, not merely during working several hours which is often different in various time zones.

It is highly highly recommended to choose a provider which has already been used in many of complex financial transactions, including IPOs.

Private hosting and management are important problems that should not be ignored. This is recommended to choose such providers that do not effectively outsource any part of the data hosting or management process to third parties as this could put your highly confidential data at risk.

 Furthermore, the key providers provide you lots of awesome features, which not only help you gather, organize and present important computer data online but also greatly simplify and fasten enough time of deal-making. Here are some of the very most useful features that you may find useful:

 File Security: data encryption, computerized backup, Print Screen button disabling, restriction access by time and IP, active watermarks.

 Access Security: régulateur login authentication, mobile device management, account theft elimination.

 Functionality: Questions and Answers (Q&A), Microsoft Office Incorporation, activity tracking along with audit log, as well as bulk uploads, and etc.

 Usability: advanced search option, intuitive interface, straightforward functions. Typically, choose such platform that is perfect both for beginners and professionals alike.

 Real-time coverage capabilities: activity tracking and audit logs.

 In addition, you may find it useful to find a virtual data room service provider that can customize it matching to your needs.

 Finally, make sure you inquire what band width the chosen platform is offering.

 These are important issues to consider after choosing the proper system for building your shed. We suggest the following comparison to determine the best electronic data room for your business deals. You are welcome to read the reviews, compare functions, features, and rates. We recommend that you pay close attention to security and functional aspects. And bear in mind that to start with you should have a solid understanding of all specifics of your project and what you will require from a VDR before you get started.

Tips For Good Social Media Karma

Getting the most out of social media sites for traffic benefits and increased sales can be daunting and time consuming. Each site works differently to the next and has different features, however the underlying idea is the same – to be social! It is imperative that you become known and not just part of the crowd. If you shine above the rest then you will likely become more noticed and people will take more of an interest in you and what you’re doing.

Here’s a quick checklist of things to keep in mind while losing yourself in the world of social media. It’s easy to go off track and get distracted from your main purpose of promoting yourself, but follow these rules and it will help you keep focused on the task at hand.

  • Behave yourself! Most things you do are monitored and can lead to sometimes permanent infractions;
  • Make sure you say interesting things. People don’t want to get bored. Sell them your ideas and products and even be controversial!
  • Keep discussions lively – this will help others notice you and increase the chance of adding you as a friend, checking your profile, website or product;
  • Comment on feedback whether it is positive or negative and remember they are entitled to their own opinion!
  • Always update your profile or add more if things change in your life;
  • Ensure you have chosen a good username. It can be related to your niche or product or just your name, but poor usernames are a no-no;
  • Add your RSS feed from your blog or site to automate posts to your social accounts like Twitter and Facebook;
  • Customize your profile pages, information pages and any other page you can. You want to look as unique as possible and this will make your profile look much more interesting than using the same stock images/designs that hundreds of thousands of other users also use;
  • Don’t join every social site under the sun. For socializing, it’s best to stick with a handful at most social sites to become a serious part of the community. By joining too many you will spread yourself too thinly and not get the most from your efforts. In this case it is quality over quantity. Of course you can use a service like Hellotxt to automate comments to more than one site and that will save you a lot of time;
  • Ensure you have up-to-date information on your pages. This is not just your name and age, but your company images, logo’s, portfolio and any other relevant info;
  • Link your blog or site to your social sites so people can find you more easily;
  • Always reply to your emails and comments and look for other people in similar niches to follow and interact with;

Just follow the aforementioned points and you would understand the basic aspects of internet marketing and how social media is the proverbial tool for getting many new subscribers and viewership on various platforms as are given on

Before You Start Social Network Marketing

There are plenty of brand mentions to go around in Social Network Sites. Consumers continuously shape brand perception with their online conversations; This means your company and your brands’ reputation is on-the-line. What can you do? give the influencers something positive to talk about.

The above graphic by PR firm immediate future illustrates the number of brand mentions, for the top 25 brands, throughout a significant portion of the social media landscape for 2007. The beginning n of online marketing is done with the purchase of the YouTube subscribers.  Is it ok to buy YouTube subscribers? With the availability of the subscribers, the promotion of the brand is done effectively. All the things should be considered while purchasing the subscribers. 

Many companies have used social network sites to spread their message and to create brand awareness. Adidas and its campaign using a MySpace poll in its profile is one of the most cited examples of big companies using social networks. The poll itself generated more than 50,000 votes, but the whole campaign was seen by around four million MySpace users. For a campaign as minor as that, four million is a figure hard to ignore. Pizza Hut in South Korea, on the other hand, used Cyworld, and that too garnered an overwhelming response. Results such as these have prompted other brands to follow. And soon enough, Pontiac, Skittles, Victoria’s Secret, among several others, have used MySpace, Facebook, and other similar websites.

But despite these success stories, it is still a generalization to say that using social network sites as a means for promotion and marketing is for everyone. For some companies, this process will fit like a glove, which will obviously result to a positive outcome. For a number of brands, however, the process may be more strenuous, the results less sterling.

So how do you decide if you should use social network sites for your brand? Here are some factors and tips you should consider.

  1. Are you customers members of social network sites? According to Social Media demographics, the online population can be classified into six types: producers, commentators, gatherers, joiners, observers, and inactives. Joiners, as the name implies, are those who join in various activities online. If majority of your customers are joiners, using social network sites as a means for marketing will be effective and can produce positive results. This simply says that you first have to make sure that you can reach to a significant number of customers before you make any marketing efforts through social networks. Age is one of the key factors you should take note of. If your brand caters to people ages thirteen to twenty-three, you must use social networks. If your customers are aged from twenty-four to thirty-five, your efforts will probably succeed too. On the other hand, if your customers are older, your marketing efforts may not yield substantial results. However, sites such as Facebook are exerting efforts to reach out to older people, so marketing through social network sites may become imperative regardless of the age of your clientele in the near future.
  1. Will your customers be active? As in the case of Adidas and Pizza Hut, it has been proven that customers can be active in social network site marketing tactics. The level of participation will determine the success of your endeavor. If the level of participation will not be significant and the brand enthusiasm online is low, it is best to exert marketing efforts in other areas. At this stage, it may be imperative for you to know the online buzz regarding your brand.
  1. Does your brand have online presence even before you exert effort? Social networks have been around for a number of years now. It is possible that someone has already created a MySpace profile or Facebook group of your brand. So before you use social network sites, check what’s already out there. If there are already existing groups or profiles, this should not discourage you from using social network sites. The fact that you will maintain the official page of the brand on MySpace, for example, will attract avid and enthusiastic customers, since you can use this to disseminate information and as a base for future marketing attempts. But on the other hand, you should not discourage these groups too. You should find a way to incorporate these existing pages and accounts. One of the mistakes of a number of organizations is shutting down unofficial profiles, just like what then presidential candidate (and now United States president) Barack Obama did with an unauthorized MySpace page. Do not view them as competition; rather, treat them as an ally.

  1. Can your brand promote interaction through social network sites? If you do create MySpace or Facebook profile for your brand, the members who will add you as a “friend” are those with an existing relationship with your brand or service. So rather than just using the social network site profile as a means for marketing, you should use it to interact and communicate with your “friends.” This way, you are creating a deeper relationship which, in turn, could lead to brand loyalty. This can be done by using widgets, wallpapers, and other promotional tools and spreading them through your social networking profile. You should also respond to comments left by members; in bulk or individually, depending on the content. Of course, you will need to people to program your profile and to reply to messages and comments. With this done, you can use social network sites as a main base for your advertising effort.

Are You A Recognized Expert and a Trustworthy Online Source of Information?

You might have designed and manufactured a product people want or need. You might own the company that produces and markets the product. Yet, when consumers are researching your product, are you a recognized expert and a trustworthy online source of information in their minds even after getting cheap Instagram views? The answer might depend on how much people know about you on the platforms they use for product/service research.

According to the Cone Online Influence Tracker Survey (June 27 – 29, 2011), there are some facts you should consider when providing information about your products and services.

  • 89% of consumers believe internet channels are trustworthy sources of information and will use these channels to verify recommendations from friends and family
  • 87% say that a favorable review will confirm their decision to purchase
  • 80% say they have reversed a decision to buy based on negative reviews online.

Consider who qualifies as a product/service expert and a trustworthy online source:

  • 69% said someone who has used the product or service before
  • 60% said someone who has topic/subject credibility or expertise
  • 20% said someone who is often quoted by other experts
  • 11% said someone who has the same online friends, followers or interests as the individual
  • 11% said someone who is present on several media channels
  • 8% said someone who has a lot of social media followers

What Are They Saying About You?

For many small businesses, these statistics are somewhat unnerving. For others, the data provides some helpful guidance about where to focus some of your marketing efforts. A good place to start might be to find out what people are saying about your business or your products/services. Second, think carefully about how you describe and market your company.

  • What are people saying on the review sites (Angie’s list, opinion, RateItAll). Do the reviews fairly and accurately represent the experiences of your customers? Are there satisfied customers who would post truthful positive reviews?
  • What are people saying on social platforms? Are there issues you can address? Is the social media platform a reasonable place to answer questions or address issues?
  • What are people writing in the media (newspapers, TV, Radio, magazines, and their online counterparts)? Are you influencing these reviews, or are unhappy customers setting the tone?

Not all conversations about your business, your products, or your brand are equally advantageous. If you are not participating in the conversations and telling your story, you might be allowing your competitors, detractors, or a single unhappy customer to control your company’s public image.

What you can do

First, assess your/your company’s online profile. Viewed through the lens of social media presence, do you qualify as a recognized expert? Have you demonstrated trustworthiness? If your social media presence does not demonstrate expertise and credibility, you need an action plan to showcase your knowledge and expertise.

Second, find out what people are saying about your company and your products/services on the leading review sites. Create a process for asking satisfied customers to post their reviews on these sites. (Remember: you cannot pay them to do so.)

Third, locate and assess social media conversations relevant to your business, your products/services, and your industry. Start engaging in the conversations. Listen to the customer and prospective customer needs, satisfactions, and dissatisfactions with existing products, and emerging opportunities you can fulfill.

In everything, you do online, restrain yourself from selling. Remember: people want to buy, but they don’t want to be sold – especially in social media.

Student Loans for Teachers – Is it useful?

There are many student loans available for future teachers. If you are studying to become a teacher, it is imperative that you understand your student loan options.

There are two times when you need to make critical decisions about your student loans. The first is when you are applying for a student loan for future teachers. The second is when you begin your teaching career and start repaying your student loans. Along with the students, the teachers can get the loan at to start an excellent career. The requirements for getting the loan amount are less with fewer documents. The furnishing of the correct information should be there to get the fulfillment of the financial requirements. 

When you apply for a student loan, be aware that there are specific types of loans available for prospective teachers. Prior to applying for any loans, contact the financial aid office of your institution and ask to speak with a financial aid counselor. Because the student loan market is complex and institution-specific, your financial aid office is the best place to learn about your options. For example, many universities have grants available to state residents who agree to teach in certain neighborhoods upon graduation. By learning about your financial aid options prior to obtaining a loan, you may be able to reduce or eliminate your need for borrowing.

Your financial aid office should be able to identify student loan programs specific to your current state of residency. Remember that you should also ask about student loan programs for the state to which you intend to move after graduation. Many states offer special financial aid programs to new teachers in their communities. You should consider the implications of any state-specific loan you obtain. Because most of these loans have restrictions about your place of employment, you may find yourself unable to move to a different state or teach at a different school because of a loan agreement you signed as an undergraduate.

If you are close to graduation, learn about the programs which eliminate part or all of your student loan debt in exchange for teaching in under-privileged schools. In order to attract new teachers to particular schools, many states and school districts offer student loan repayment packages as part of their hiring agreement. For example, you may receive complete elimination of your student loan debt in exchange for teaching in a poor neighborhood for five years. Even if you are restricted to a single state, you may get a partial forbearance in exchange for teaching at a new or struggling school in your community.

Before you agree to a teaching contract, understand that the repayment of your student loan is generally contingent upon your fulfillment of your commitment. If you are unable or unwilling to teach in the specified location for the duration of your contract, you may be forced to repay the entire amount of forbearance with interest and penalties. In many cases, your student loan repayment contract may make it financially impossible for you to move or switch school districts until your contract has expired.

When examining student loans for teachers, it is essential to start your research as early in your academic career as possible. Begin your research on student loan options as soon as you decide to get your teaching license. There are many programs available to assist teachers with their student loans and you will receive many financial benefits by beginning your exploration early.

The Hero CPL Viewership Has Increased By 56%?

T20 cricket has unmatched popularity all across the world. Almost every country where cricket is popular hosts a T20 cricket tournament of their own. The Caribbean also hosts a T20 tournament every year known as Hero Caribbean Premier League. The T20 tournament is held every year, where players from various cricketing nations participate. Hero Moto Corp sponsors the tournament.

The first edition of the Hero Cpl schedule was held in the year 2013, and 8 editions have been held so far. The tournament has six teams participating for the ultimate CPL title and the trophy. 

Trinbago Knight Riders have won the maximum number of 3 times while the Barbados Tridents have secured the title 2 times. Barbados Tridents are also the defending champions. They secured the 2019 title by defeating Guyana Amazon Warriors in the final face-off. The tournament includes league matches followed by playoff matches featuring the top 4 teams. 

How Has The Viewership Of CPL Has Hiked Up? 

The tournament has regularly achieved new popularity milestones when compared to the previous editions. The reputation of the league has constantly been increasing over all these years of its existence. Due to the increasing popularity, the tournament saw an astonishing 56% rise in terms of its viewership in its previous edition in 2019 when compared to the 2018 edition. This huge increase in its viewership says a lot about the hiked popularity of the tournament. The 2019 edition was started on 4th September and lasted till 12th November. The total number of viewers of the 2019 edition was recorded to be 312 million. 

With the constantly increasing mania of T20 cricket, the viewership of Hero CPL is expected to rise higher with every upcoming edition. The next edition of Hero Cpl schedule is about to kick start in September 2020, and its popularity is expected to hike up even more just like all the previous editions.