Best Las Vegas Casinos to Tour for Families with Kids

If you are traveling to Las Vegas in a family with kids, there are certain Las Vegas casinos that you are going to want to tour more than others to keep the attention of the kids. As a Las Vegas regular (who has the enthusiasm and attention span of a kid), I love to help guide people to their best Las Vegas experience. Learn More about these Las Vegas casinos will keep families with kids excited and wanting to see more.

Honorable Mention – Circus Circus

With a circus show that takes place in the casino, a carnival attraction area, and touring live acts, Circus Circus is sure to keep any family with kids happy. The reason why it is an honorable mention in my list of Las Vegas casinos that are great for touring for families with kids is because of the fact that it is pretty run down. Put Circus Circus next to almost any other Las Vegas casino and you will see what I mean.


With the Medieval theme, Renaissance Fair atmosphere, and themed decorations, families in Las Vegas with kids are sure to be entertained with a simple tour of the casino. There is a lot to look at, and a lot that will keep the kids looking around the corner to see what is coming up next.


When you walk into Paris Casino in Las Vegas, you walk into an atmosphere that will amaze a child. Families with kids in Las Vegas will realize that a lot of time was taken in making the atmosphere at Paris align with the atmosphere in Paris, France (assuming the real Paris is full of slot machines).

Caesar’s Palace

Caesar’s Palace is under a reinvention period. If you area family heading to Las Vegas with kids, I hope that you are doing it soon if you plan on touring Caesar’s Palace. They are working on taking down a lot of the Roman kitsch. I hope that they change their mind and put it back up.

New York New York

To paraphrase, the New York is so reminiscent of New York that they had to name it twice. It is hard to find an inch of New York that is not themed towards to most popular city in the western world. Families with kids in Las Vegas will be amazed while touring the casino as to the amount of detail. The parents should be as slack-jawed as the kids.

While there are tons of casinos that you can tour while in Las Vegas, these are the ones that I believe that families with kids will get the most out of. Who knows – with the way that Las Vegas changes, this list might be completely different in three or four years.


Unheard Things About Pet-Friendly Rentals You Need To Know

Your pet should not be left behind as they will get upset without you; that is why there are pet friendly vacation rentals in Myrtle Beach. You can book them easily over the internet by finding some great rentals on which you can do some sort of comparison.

There is no need to pay extra in the rental as everything will be paid in advance. You need to show your identification in the hotel so that they can identify you and your pet easily. It also works as a proof so that no intruder can enter the rental.

You should train your pet so that he or she does not do any kind of damage to the rental. That damage will be covered by you only.

You need to get your pet ready first

It might happen that your pet is not ready for traveling, or he or she is not fond of traveling. At that time, you need to take care of it.

You should train your pet for short or long traveling so that his or her health should not get affected while traveling. It is one of the most important things you need to consider in mind so that your vacation can be made perfect.

Take the pills with you

If your pet is prescribed with some pills or we can say medicine, then you should carry it with you. If you are thinking that you will get the medication from there, then you are wrong because sometimes it cannot be possible. Your pet could be in trouble if you forgot their medication at home.

If you want your pet to enjoy the vacations at its best, then you need to take care of their health.

Relationship Advice: How to Heal After Being Cheated On

When I suffered my first serious heartbreak, I felt like I would never date again. I was afraid of feeling the pain and disappointment of breaking up again. My ‘best’ pal Rachael introduced me to Wiley, a friend of hers. After a few weeks of hanging out and spending hours on the telephone, we were officially a couple. I will admit, although I liked him very much, I wasn’t in love with him.

Months went by, and we were getting serious with each other. We spent lots of time together, We were an ideal couple. We had fun together, our relationship was passionate, he was kind and sweet. What more could I ask for? As time went on Wiley asked me to move in with him, I was seriously considering it. I began staying at his apartment frequently, and falling in love.

Then came the day when my feelings began to deepen and change and suddenly I started seeing him as much more than a friend and was seriously smitten, something that I had not felt even in my previous relationship and the weekend spent with him were some of the best moments of my life to cherish and I felt that he would look for Cialis Deutschland if things went on like this.

After a long weekend together, Wiley left his pager at my house. He had gone to visit his Grandma in Indiana for a few days, and asked me to hang onto the pager. Later that day, I noticed Rachael had paged him a few times, so I called her to tell her Wiley was out of town, and when he called me later I would have him call her. She said “Oh, uh, you two are back together?” I said “We have been together, who said we broke up?” She said “Wiley told me he asked you to move in, and you said no, so he broke up with you.” I said “Not quite, thats weird.” Rachael said “Yeah, I think so too. Wiley has been with me for two weeks now! We have been sleeping together for like a year and a half, but we are a couple now…”

I was devastated, first of all why would a good friend hook me up with her lover? Why would he tell her we had broken up? What the heck! He had been cheating on both of us! To my satisfaction, Rachael broke up with Wiley right away, as he was a worthless guy. I waited for a few days, and I said “Wiley, you are a jerk, Why would you lead me on, while sleeping with my friend?” Wiley said “I was not sleeping with her, she is a liar! I love you!” I said “Well, love me from a distance, it is over!”

I walked away from Wiley, he had betrayed me and lied to me. Wiley broke my heart for about 5 minutes, but I am glad that it ended. Had I not ended the relationship, Wiley would have continued cheating and I could have gotten a disease, or been trapped in a horrible relationship.

After Wiley cheated on me, I realized I deserved a better man.

Behr Paint Colors for a Coffee House Style Dining Room

The elegance of a rich and romantic coffee house can be brought into the dining room of your home with the use of Behr paint colors. A combination of Behr paint colors and rich and dark woods will make the dining room feel like an elegant and inspiring place for the entire family. These Behr paint colors can be used together with accents of gold and wood tones to create an elegant coffee house style dining room in the home.

Behr Paint Colors for a Coffee House Style Dining Room: Gold Buff from Behr paints is a rich gold that is muted for a perfect coffee house wall color. It really pairs well with shiny gold accents throughout the room for a truly coffee-inspired room. Gold Buff from Behr paints also pairs well with the Ralph Lauren paint colors Chandelier Dore and Lafayette.

Behr Paint Colors for a Coffee House Style Dining Room: Leapfrog is that lime green tone with a hint of gold that is found in so many elegant designs. This Behr paint color is the perfect accent wall color to bring out the bright hues of the gold in the room. It also pairs well with many of the latest trends in dining ware such as hand-painted dishes and glassware.

Behr Paint Colors for a Coffee House Style Dining Room: Bear Rug is a deep coffee tone that is a must-have in any coffee house inspired dining room. The deep dark brown tone is perfect for an accent wall or for small areas of the room to add richness. This Behr paint color really pairs just perfectly with the golds of a coffee house style dining room and Leapfrog can be used to contrast the light to the dark in the room.

Behr Paint Colors for a Coffee House Style Dining Room: In the coffee house style dining room, try pairing the bright and shiny gold objects with some earthy toned items in the robust coffee colors that we all love so much. If the Leapfrog green is too bright for you it can easily be toned down by adding Bear Rug to an adjacent wall or hanging dark coffee-colored curtains on the same wall. Remember that these Behr paint colors can be used on the floors as well if you do not have carpet to bring a true coffee house inspired collection of color and flavor into the dining room!

Contrast the bright with the dark to add flair and elegance to the coffee house style dining room. Use Behr paint colors to inspire the accessories in the room and pair deep rich wood tones with the gold hues from Behr paints such as Gold Buff for an entirely elegant feel. Besides that, you also have the option of choosing the best coffee for your business. Get nanyang coffee which is one of the best and delicious coffee that you can get for your coffee-shop. 


One Man’s Trash is Another Man’s Wargaming Terrain

Wargaming is a form of entertainment in which players collect miniature soldiers, paint them up, and fight battles on a tabletop using different rule sets to organize the flow of play. Someone once said that it is like a game of chess, only with prettier figures, a more ‘realistic’ game board, and far more ‘advanced’ rules. Oh, and I’ll throw in a little something else-it is much more fun!

A lot of wargamers like to use terrain, or modeling/hobby features created to look like miniature forests, towns, roads, rivers, industrial parks, airports, lakes, spaceports, and everything in between. These little additions to the wargame table really make the table feel more realistic and lifelike, and also add in a fun element to the game, as this ‘terrain’ provides cover for little toy soldiers from enemy fire, or a place to reform, etc.

Most rulesets used in miniature wargaming give bonuses to troops that are in bunkers, or even in light cover like a forest or shrub garden-it all depends on the ruleset. Now, you could go out and spend a lot of money on terrain for your wargames, be it for Warhammer or Flames of War, Lego (Block) Warz or Battlefield Evolution, Warmachine or Stargrunt.

There are many excellent sources for pre-made terrain for miniature wargaming online, and many hobby stores sell this sort of material as well. However, if you want to save money, and help the environment while you are at it, then try recycling for miniature terrain.

Confused? You shouldn’t be. It’s possible to take old pieces of junk, even garbage from old paper boxes or metal cans and recycle it, turning it into some truly unique and awe-inspiring (for a gamer!) pieces of terrain for your miniature battlefield. It is really fun to create your own custom terrain, be it a small, dense forest, or a dirty factory, as you can add your own creative touch, save money, and really make a set of terrain that no one else has.

The Internet has a wealth of resources for people looking to make their own terrain. Simple searches on the subject matter may get the job done for short, and simple, tutorials for wargamers. If you want to know what to save, and not throw out, start with your cereal boxes and carboard pieces of similar size. They can be cut up, and used as scrap pieces for all sorts of buildings, rubble piles, even as bases for miniature units or terrain pieces. Or, you can keep the whole cardboard box and turn it into a building, adding painted roof pieces and various windows.

Save old metal soup cans, spray paint them black or grey, then go in and add details with hand painting to make them look like giant industrial containers for factories and processing centers. Small clear, plastic bubbles that little $1.00 toys come in can be used as some sort of sci-fi research facility piece.

Straws can be bent and turned into smokestacks for factories. Pieces of foam may be painted to look like scrub bushes or shrub/hedgerows. The possibilities for unique and custom terrain are endless for those looking to start making their own! Wargaming is a fun form of entertainment and making your own custom pieces really add to the gameplay. Well, cleaning and decluttering are just as important in real life as well, and for most of us with our busy schedules, it can be really difficult. This is why services like furniture removal philadelphia pa are there when it comes to getting rid of your old furniture and other household items easily.

The Witcher 2- Probably The Game Of The Year

I have to say i loved the first ”Witcher” and i finished it 2 times.The thing i liked most about the game was the story-line.It was absolutely amazing and had so many twists and turns that kept you near your computer for hours.

For those who do not know ”The Witcher” is an action role-playing game based on the books of ”Andrzej Sapkowski” a polish fantasy writer .The main character in the story,the books and games is Geralt of Rivia and his endeavors against the monsters as well as the political conflicts between the humans and the outcasts(elves and dwarfs).

Now about the second game: When i bought the game and started installing it i was anxious to start.It seems the long wait was worth it.The first time you enter the world you are amazed at the detail the technical team put in this game.Although it eats resources like crazy and you need a decent rig to play it at its fullest the game has amazing visual effects and sights.The story starts in Temeria when you need to help King Foltest in his ambush of a fortress.Long story-short the king gets killed and you are framed for murdering him.After that you must clean your name and also catch the real assassin. I won’t reveal much of the story because it is one of the game’s strong points and there’s no sense in spoiling it.

The game has 14 endings and every decision you make in the game will be important in the end.The game has 3 chapters,prologue and epilogue.The 2nd chapter which is also the longest one can be played entirely different depending on the choices you make at the end of chapter 1.The game is not too long in itself but the action is condensed and because your choices can change everything in the game it also has a great replay value.

The game-play is based on combination of attacks and also spells that are called ”signs”.Even though the combat at first seems difficult you get the hang of it pretty fast and you have so many options in combat including :poisons,weapon oils,bombs and traps that i don’t think you’ll get bored of it.Your character also grows in level and you can take 3 different paths in the game:The alchemy path based mostly on potions you create before combat with ingredients you find all over the world,the Swordsmanship path based on melee combat and the sign path based on magic.On my first play-trough i used mostly the Swordsmanship with very few points in the Sign path and i found it pretty difficult on the ”normal” setting.Of course you can always change it to ”easy” if you can’t get past some fights.

The soundtrack was also good,fit for the setting this game was based on and it really gets you pumped on adrenaline at boss fights In order to Buy pokemon go accounts, the players should be aware about the benefits of the account. There will be handling of multiple games at single account of Pokemon go

As a conclusion i have to say Witcher 2 is the best game i played this year and one of the only RPG’s that stay true to that meaning.Role-playing is an integral part of this genre and you can really put yourself in Geralt’s skin with every choice you make in the game.

Review: The Night Swimmer by Matt Bondurant

Confess as I must, I never really had a fear of water wherever it might be. I can easily understand Elly’s obsession for long-distance, cold-water swimming. But in The Night Swimmer by Matt Bondurant, Elly’s swimming plays equal contest to her husband’s attempt to rebuild a flourishing pub, the Nightjar, on the rugged southwestern shore of Ireland.

The pub contest in Vermont, won by the mere throw of darts in the very first part of the book, seems a bit contrived. Immediately, I could think that only some kind of a bizarre story would follow. Having won this Nightjar pub, its building, and property, in The Night Swimmer, Elly and her husband forsake all in Vermont to courageously arrive at the pub’s door in absolute excitement, hoping to remodel the beer parlor to attract tourist bar drinkers along with typical regular bar patrons. In addition, the Nightjar’s location will afford Elly numerous long-distance swimming opportunities, a dangerous physical excercise she dearly loves.

It does not happen. While the pub is undergoing serious remodeling, Elly spends much of her time on Cape Clear, an island off the southwestern coast of Ireland where she meets rather unusual isle folks, some of whom accept her, whilest others think of her as a “fucking” intruder into their idyllic island life. One man in particular seems to hold her fancy. Elley continues her swimming.

From the get-go, the remodeled Nightjar on the mainland does poorly. It attracts few customers who would rather spend their drinking evenings at a more established rural business. Elly, who commutes back to her husband’s Nightjar from the remote Island of Cape Clear to help cook and serve at his pub each weekend, offers suggestions about what-needs-changed to make the bar and restaurant a success. She also confesses to her husband the strangeness of the native people living on her island home. In The Night Swimmer, She tells of a fierce generations old battle between a goat herder and the mafia-like family that has controlled the island for generations and have little care or acceptance of outsiders.

Strange, violent events begin to occur. Elly finds the broken, bony, floating body of a local villager on one of her open water swims. How did this man die? Then, her husband is manhandled at his Nightjar. Was the floating victim the result of island infighting or a victim of suicide? Was her husband beaten to muscle him out? Will their marriage remain strong enough to keep them united against mainland feuds and troubles out on Clear Island; or, like others before them who have had their fill of power struggles, will Elly and her spouse remain alive long enough to forsake Ireland and return to the United States?  To know More info – adult swimming lessons websites should be checked through the followers. The websites will provide complete information along with the reviews to the adults. 

I would recommend The Night Swimmer to any reader seeking a nerve jangling story. It will make you hope all will turn out well for these two entrepreneurs who so willingly give up comfortable life here in the United States to get involved with “only the possibility” that they will be successful in Southernmost Ireland. So many of us, as readers, have wanted just such an opportunity. Read this book. It will cause you to have second thoughts even if a business is offered to you, seemingly on a golden platter.

Finding And Buying Organic Meat From Young Farmers

In this day and age, we hear so much about “organic” food products, but what does organic really mean? Is organic food products really worth the exorbitant amount that is on the price tag, or is it possible to find a less expensive version?

“Organic” in the use of food products usually means without hormones, pesticides or antibiotics. In a commercial setting this can be a difficult task for a farmer, and so the high-price tag is validated. There is another way to obtain hormone-free, antibiotic-free meat without the price tag, and you may even be able to “write-it-off” on your taxes. The meat, however, may not be certified, you will have to operate on trust.

Many communities support youth clubs such as, 4-H, Young Farmers or Future Farmers of America (FFA). All of these clubs encourage children in various forms of Agriculture, mostly through animal projects. Many of the animals that are being grown by these young Americans are raised hormone and antibiotic free, but since they are only raising one or two animals at a time, they can not obtain organic certification; a long, expensive and arduous process.

There are many types of animal projects that eventually provide food stock. Beef, Pork and Lambs are the main animals which will result in meat products. Once the animal has reached the end of it’s showing season these animals are either placed on an auction block, or sold privately.

Purchasing an animal for food from a young ag student can benefit you, as well as the student, in many ways. First of all, you will purchase the animal by weight, usually measured as ‘on the hoof’. You will pay a lesser amount this way, even though it will seem like a lot. A whole calf would last the average family about two years, so you may want to consider sharing the cost with a friend or family member.

Once the animal is purchased, it will be sent for processing. Many auctions already have butchers waiting for the auctioned livestock at the sale. If you purchased the animal privately, then processing will be left up to individual choice. Because the processing will be done locally, you will know exactly where your meat is coming from. It will most likely be processed in a smaller capacity butcher shop, than commercial beef, leaving less chance of contamination.

The monies from this sale will benefit the young seller in many ways, i.e. college money, money to start another animal project, etc. These types of transactions also help these young people learn life skills in dealing with money. It is a great benefit to ag students who are planning a career in farming.

The money that is spent purchasing one of these animals may also be considered tax-deductible, but you will need to check with your tax preparer for clarification of this. If you own your own company and purchase the animal at auction, your company name is usually given sponsorship advertising in the local papers, i.e. free advertising. A complete advertising will be done for herbs as medicine for good immune system. It will not cause any side-effect on the digestive system of the person. A proper planning should be done through the experts.

Another benefit for you the buyer, aside from obtaining low cost organic meats, is that you choose your cuts and packaging sizes. The butcher will customize this to suit your family’s needs. You choose the steak’s thickness and number per package, as well as the poundage for roasts. The meat usually comes labeled for easy choosing at meal time.

There are so many advantages to buying your “organic” meats this way, that how could anyone purchase meat from a store again?! The benefits are innumerable for all involved and best of all, your encouraging young American farmers in their desire to provide food for your table.

Best Sources Of Healthful Proteins

There are two main areas of food from which to get a good dose of healthful and beneficial proteins. The first area is from the all natural route; the other area comes from the human made route. In the case of healthful proteins both are viable options and in some cases the human made products that deliver protein pack more into every bite then nature ever could.

But first lets take a look at what nature in it’s pure form has to offer. Fish and seafood are both excellent sources of protein. Salmon while somewhat fattier then most other fish, contains high amounts of Omega 3 fatty acids and high amounts of protein which combined is like a powerhouse of goodness for your body. Poultry from the white meat category is also high in protein, a meal of grilled chicken (not fried) can be tasty and good for you.

Moving on from poultry, when it comes to healthy proteins, it is hard to leave out superfood powder as these supplements are regularly consumed by bodybuilders as they consider it an important part of their diet that keeps them going in the gym by sweating it out for hours and hours in order to get a lean body with no fat and a lot of speed and agility in performing various everyday tasks.

Beans and Soy also contain high amounts of protein, plus beans are also a good source of fiber which means you’ll feel fuller quicker. Surprisingly lean beef is also a good source of protein plus zinc and B12. The same holds true of pork as being a good source of protein. Peanuts also contain high levels of protein, however due to their high fat content they (and peanut butter) should be consumed in moderation.

Milk, cheese, and yogurt are also good sources of not only protein but also calcium. Sticking to low or non-fat versions of these items can help you get a lot of protein and calcium without the fat. Eggs are also a good source of protein and are inexpensive. While consuming too much egg can lead to high cholesterol, adults can safely consume one egg daily and still get all the benefits without the risks.

Now on to the man made side of things. Of course the best choices in this section will be those made from natural ingredients. Take for example Kashi foods which are made with many grains that are natural and supplemented with additional protein, fiber, and other good for you things. On the go you can choose from a huge variety of protein shakes and protein bars but one should be aware that many of these pack a lot of carbs which is not good if you are not highly active. For active individuals and those that exercise regularly, these protein bars are great pick me ups and give enough energy to get through a workout after a long day. For those who aren’t as active, going for the simpler bars such as Nature Valley and Kashi will give you that full feeling plus protein and vitamins without as many carbs as the power and full protein bars. All of these to go supplements tend to cost more per serving then the other natural options.

Proteins are an important part of any diet and can be found in a variety of foods for relatively little money. Combined with other healthful nutrients, proteins help maintain a healthy, active body.

Could You Date a Cheater?

Of course you could. The only problem you would run into with dating a cheater is what your friends and family may think of your decision.

Everybody has this preconceived notion that says you will only be happy in a relationship that ends in a monogamous marriage. We all have been fed this erroneous information since childhood.

We search high and low for someone whom we believe to have been sent here from the gods especially for us. Someone who knows our individual likes, dislikes, desires and such. Someone who lifts our spirits and fills our hearts with much delight. We want our one true soul mate.

As a result, we are obsessed with finding all the required qualities that we think should be found in that person and if he/she is lacking in even any one of them, then it means that he/she is unworthy for us. This is ultimately the undoing that leads to nowhere as there is no person in existence who is completely perfect and all have their share of flaws and virtues. They are more grey shaded, which is good as it makes them more human and not gods, the kinds that you look up to on the okcupid dating app, to search for the so called soul mate of your dreams.

How many times have we met someone, fell in love, only to find out that he or she had another lover on the side? Up and until this point we would have described our lives as happy. We could even go on and say that if the affair would end we could go on with our lives and be happy once again.

Why is it that we are so willing to forgive a cheating spouse over and over again with the promise that they will end the extra relationship? Why are we not willing to look past something that occurs usually without affecting our relationships, as affairs usually do not affect a relationship until its discovery?

What I am saying is this. If up and until the discovery of our mates extra curricular activities, everything was pure bliss, then chances are things will remain as such if we followed our hearts and not do what our friends and family would find acceptable.

The love between the two of you will not change because of this. What changes this love is the thoughts of what will others think of me in this situation. Will I be judged for my actions if I were to stay in this relationship because my actions oppose those of society?

There are times, although, when a cheating relationship must end. If you are totally being disrespected, you should then leave. By disrespected I mean that this extra relationship is constantly being exhibited to you with missed dates, unknown underwear, used condoms and STD’s. The fact that there is another player in the game does not necessarily mean that anyone is being disrespected. Only society would have you believe such nonsense.

Many monogamous relationships are not happy relationships. We should be focusing on the overall happiness of those involved. If a relationship seems to be functioning otherwise well with extra people involved, then why ruin it with constant bickering over the “why’s” of cheating?

It is hard to find happiness. Knowing this, why do we constantly let others decide for us what determines happiness? As long as safety and respect for all involved are always exercised, then, of course, you could date a cheater.