Is Our Country Going Bankrupt?

What is really happening to our Country? With so many Americans loosing their jobs and so many walking away from their homes or loosing their homes. The richest Country in the world and it is in trouble. They have taken our jobs today and moved them to Mexico, or over seas. Is there anything made in the USA today? Our carpenters today are not born in the USA, the illegals took a good honest trade and turned it into an $10.00 an hourly wage job. That is all the contractors would hire. I know this for an fact, my husband was in the trades for over 35 years and more and at the last 10 years of his construction life he could hardly get a job to support his family, let alone buy us an home.

The illegals with their green card would knock him out of work. Why was this happening? The home builders were getting want they wanted why couldn’t they afford to pay the American workers and keep them working instead of hiring someone with a green card. It was greed. Cheaper wages and they could hire an whole bunch of illegals who could not speak English and the quality of our homes was becoming less and less of the quality. The contractors were looking for quantity. The home prices were at their highest level, maybe to high, the average American worker could not afford to buy a home. So who were all these people buying and selling. It is all the people who already had a home and they sold it and wanted to buy a bigger home. Who got caught holding the bag with these mortgages with the high interest rate and interest only payment? People like you and me. They lost their American dream.

None of your money is going to the principal, it is only going to the interest. Who is getting all the money from all of these homes that are being repossessed or bank owned? Of course the banks. Where did all these people go, that lost their homes, their possessions, their cars, and their jobs? They moved out of the State or with friends or family. Why is the City’s scrambling for more money and cutting jobs. When the people are still paying their taxes, still paying for their car tags, we are taxed on everything. Is it greed, that has got us into this mess, to many sticky fingers? To much spending. We need to get these old politicians out of Congress and put new ones in, that will be for the people and not for themselves, and cut their salaries? They would vote for their own pay raises. I love my Country and the United States of America is still the best place to live, but we need to take care of country and not be the problem and get to the solution. The hiring of the san diego bankruptcy lawyer can save the country from going in the bankrupt. All the information will be available with them to win the case for the country.