How to Get Free Content for Your Site

I was searching on line one day, trying to put my new blog together when I started thinking about ways to get free content for my site. I was thinking pretty hard on this and then I realized that the Internet has almost everything, so why not do a Google search on it? I did my search and came up with this site that allows you to collect content for free from people who are just wanting to get their name out there for others to see.

Article is a great site to get content from and they have content about everything. I picked up an article on there that was about different ways to blog and get traffic to your site. This was a great article for me because it went with the topic that I was talking about.

There are a few downfalls to using Article The people who write the articles request that you add their information link on your post. This was the only catch that I could find to using their free services. The information that you have to add on there will usually be a link back to their site or profile. I didn’t mind to do this because I did, after all, get their content for free. I guess that this is their way of getting free traffic for themselves and getting a back link.

If you don’t think that you could use the free articles, you could always submit your own content for free and add your information so that people can have your article on their blogs or sites and in return you get the extra traffic and back link. I guess that this could work out this way.

I have not submitted an article for free with them yet, I mostly just choose the articles that I like and then I paste them on my site. I also leave a comment on their page, letting them know where they can find the article on my site. This also helps me to get more traffic because they will become curious and check your site out.

I have found articles about making money, blogging, family, retiring, marketing, and many more things. I honestly do not know how they came up with this idea but I am glad that they did.

I did do a little bit of research on them and I found out that a lot of people use their services for their sites. I usually add a small note that let’s everyone know that this was a guest writer and who the writer is so that people can contact them if they like the article. I have also seen a few that I liked and so I had to contact the writer to see if I could get some more of their work to submit in my site. At some sites people claim that there is availability of the biggest discount I’ve seen. Through the discount, there will be offering of more work to the people for content articles.

One of the writers for Article, told me that when he first started with them, he would submit his articles for free and people liked them so much that they would contact him and offer him money to write articles that were exclusively for free. I thought, wow this is a great opportunity for them that write on there for free. I might just have to write a free article myself and see where it ends up.