Ten Tamia Songs that Are a Must on Your MP3 Player

If ever there were a criminally underrated R B; singer in the business, Tamia would be the top of the list. With a soulful Soprano that seems to reach out and sing to your very soul, Tamia has a voice that is impossible to forget. From the very first moment I heard her voice, I knew she was something special and have been a huge fan ever since. Here are the songs that made me a fan and will probably make you one as well. Moreover, click here for Free music downloads as well.

  1. You Put A Move On My Heart

I absolutely fell in love with this song the very first time I heard it. With a voice so pure, so soulful and so immaculate you would think it was a veteran, Tamia gave us a dazzling vocal at the young age of nineteen. This is a love song from the opening notes to the very end as she sings words of adoration to production by legendary Quincy Jones. This song was featured on her debut album as well as on Quincy Jones Qs Jook Joint.

  1. Poetry

You’ll find many of the songs on this list are ballads and that’s because Tamia’s expressive Soprano is tailor-made to deliver these slow songs. “Poetry” was featured on her third album More and is a gorgeous surprise towards the end of the album. It’s got some nice organ and vibraphone giving a nice backdrop to her almost gritty vocals. I could listen to this song all day long. If you haven’t heard this song you need to because it’s phenomenal.

  1. So Into You

This was her second single and I remember hearing it on the radio all the time when I was down in Vegas. I was just entering a new relationship with this computer graphics guy from Illinois and this seemed to capture that heady, walking on the clouds feeling of new love I was experiencing. Too bad he was a spineless mama’s boy. Even though my affection for him faded quickly my love for this song has managed to transcend the trauma. Her gorgeous and airy soprano soars effortlessly over some relaxed and dreamy production. This was also featured on her debut album Tamia.

  1. Officially Missing You-

The acoustic guitar is such a nice backdrop for her voice and this shows beautifully on this simple but moving track. Produced by 7 Aurelius this song has some very faint strings but it’s an organic, laidback performance. There are some finger snaps, some squeaking of fingers over the frets and you get the impression she’s sitting right there singing in the room. It’s a very intimate track. This another highlight from More.

  1. Stranger In My House-

This is such an immense, awe-inspiring ballad and was the showcase track of her sophomore effort A Nu Day. Although I felt that album didn’t live up to what she was capable of this song is an instant R B; classic. Written by Shep Crawford (also responsible for Deborah Cox’s “Nobody’s Supposed To Be Here”) the song features some guitar and some nice synthesized keyboards but as usual, it all pales in comparison to her dynamic voice.

  1. Sittin’ On The Job

There is a bluesy, loose vibe to this song against some relaxed jam about thinking about a love affair while at work. This vocal is fantastic as she effortlessly delivers her smitten take on new love. The guitar on this song is really good and the whole song is put together nicely from the soft, feminine background vocals to the handclaps. You’ll find this one on her latest Between Friends.

  1. Rain On Me-

In many ways this song could easily be written off as stock, generic R B; track but Tamia works her magic and makes it a gorgeous little song about loneliness and hope. The song has a nice backtrack but the power of the song lies in her vocals. Her soprano delivers all the emotion and longing and the music just makes a nice backdrop. This is another song from her self-titled debut.

  1. Love Me In A Special Way

This is a gospel-flavored cover of an old Debarge song and she does it justice. Her vocal is filled with some great piano and her pretty soprano caressing the familiar melody. It rides nicely on a post-New Jack Swing beat, an elegant string arrangement, and her pleading to be loved. Who could resist her with those pipes? Look for this one on A Nu Day.

  1. Why Ask Why

This is a sensuous, smoky jam that comes towards the end of her third album More. There is a sense of allure established by a pretty saxophone melody that counters the keyboard motive running throughout. She wonders why her man is doubting her and asking why in their relationship. It’s a subtle but beautiful song

  1. Love and I

Dramatic and forlorn this song is an expressive ode to being disenchanted with love. Only accompanied by a piano her voice is magnificent and the melody is gorgeous. Some timpani comes in on the second verse as well as some gentle guitar and the song is stormy but you can feel the sun peeking from between the brooding and grey clouds. A string orchestra jumps in towards the end. This song was featured on her most recent album Between Friends.

Tamia is easily one of the best R B; artists we have currently recorded. Her warm, vibrant soprano penetrates your heart, fills your sense, and makes you believe. While I love many more songs by her than what is represented here these are the ones that have earned permanent MP3 player status. In one word; essential.


Mr. Woodcock – Undersized Humor in a Nice Little Package

Mr. Woodcock is not your everyday comedy, and it surely is not everyone’s cup of tea. I thought I might like it going in, and I was right. I was expecting a slapstick, happy go lucky kind of fun loving romp. It was none of those things in the end, but that ended up being what made it stand out as a movie.

Mr. Woodcock is the P.E. teacher that every kid seems to have had when they were young. Arrogant, angry and constantly looking for reasons to embarrass the kids, Woodcock is the epitome of scary gym teachers everywhere. This part is played to perfection by Billy Bob Thornton, Woodcock is the prototype for a gym teacher that every kid would dread. One of those kids is played by Seann (Stifler) William Scott, and he gets the treatment full on as a child.

The movie then moves into the future where Scott is all grown up and “recovered” from his horrible treatment at the hands of Woodcock. He has become a hot shot self help author, and returns home to receive a small town Nebraska reward. His widowed mother ends up being engaged to Woodcock, and the movie runs with this premise full on.

While the movie is funny, it is in a very dry way rather than the slap stick humor that Seann is known for in his previous movies. His mother is played to perfection by Susan Sarandon, and Thornton does a wonderful job of remaining stoic, which has always been his forte. In spite of this, the movie moves along at a pretty good pace.

It has been a long time since I got to watch a comedy flick where I have laughed out loud, despite the dry humor, and suppressing from doing so at various hilarious scenes with deadpan expressions that make up a fine mixture of humor and mirth inducing fun and the actors have done a fabulous job with their razor sharp comic timing and played their characters to the hilt, be it Woodcock, Stifler, Thorton and others. I hope that it is available on cyberflix and I can enjoy a good time with my family. 

What I like about the movie is the behind the comments humor; those moments where you are pretty sure you heard a joke, but you can’t quite put your finger on what it was. This brand of humor is an acquired taste to be sure, but Woodcock delivers it well. It hearkens back to the old Bob Newhart form of comedy, and it stays with that formula throughout.

The only thing I did not like about the movie was the improbable story. You find yourself questioning the actions of the actors throughout, and they seem forced for humor’s sake throughout the movie. In some ways this is okay, and it does not detract from the fun in the movie, but it does stand out to you when the movie ends.

If you want to see a movie that will make you laugh and think about some uncomfortable moments in middle school, then Mr. Woodcock is your movie. If you are looking for a movie that will keep you laughing out loud throughout with obvious jokes, then Woodcock may not be your cup of tea. Woodcock is not your average comedy, and for this movie watcher that was just fine by me.

I rate this movie a solid 3 out of 5 stars.

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