Apple Falls Far From Tree: Anticipated New Gadget Proves Merely One Dimensional

With technology skyrocketing, people can only wonder what will come next. but for now, many set their eyes upon a new generation of iPods, the iPad. The iPad came out on April 3rd and is already making its way toward the top of the “must-have” list. New apps specially designed for this product, regenerated technology, multi-touch and much more create a product that is a must touch!

Over the years, Apple has made its way through some of the greatest inventions, yet the iPad is, in fact, a huge disappointment. If you are one of the people that are disappointed with all the changes and upgrades on the new iPad then you can share your though online with other people that did not like this new product either at

One of the only joys found in the iPad was the size. It is much easier to view pictures, web, games, and mail. With a 9.7 inch screen (measured diagonally) and weighing 1.5 pounds, the iPad is easy to carry around. It claims the part of “laptop” with an edge but in reality, it is just an enlarged iPhone.

Sad to say, the iPad disappointed many in other areas. Its only useful function was fun and size. It has quickly become more of a literary device rather than a computer. Of course, using the iPad to surf the web, store hundreds of photos, read, and play games are great, but when it comes down to doing business, many could not see the iPad fulfilling the job. Compared to everyday laptops, the iPad doesn’t stand a chance. Laptops, whether they come from Apple, Dell, or Acer are able to install programs that the iPad is not suitable for. For many, time on the computer is spent doing work and/or designing, of which the iPad could do neither.

The more iPad was handled, the more realization came as to how little could be done. The question came into mind, “What about webcams, picture taking, and video recording?” Even the iPad Nano has a camera, why doesn’t the new iPad? In a way that is part of the fun, Apple provides in the iPod family.

A few other disappointments were the battery life span, not being able to run more than one program at a time, not supporting flash, and a few minor/major problems that make the iPad just an overgrown iPhone. Over the different generations of iPod, battery life has been one of the major problems many complain about. The iPad is able to stay “awake” up to 10 hours while surfing the web, listening to music, or watching videos and only 9 hours while surfing the web using a 3G network.

Pricing has been a bit of a problem as well. Even though the cost of the iPad is better than paying over $1,000 for a Mac Book, it is still pricey, starting at $499. Many don’t realize they are paying hundreds of more dollars for an iPhone with a growth spurt!

You would think after 10 years in the making, that the iPad would have been a bit more suitable than it is now. If you are a web surfer, gamer, photo keeper, and social networking fan, then the iPad probably would be a great resource for you. But for others like me, who want an actual computer, which the iPad has falsely claimed itself to be, stick with a Mac Book Pro and keep your iPhone in hand!