Facebook: App Privacy And Wall Posting! What Are They? Have a Look

As Facebook users have become a little more accustomed to the new privacy features implemented on the site, one of the questions that many still seem to have is about application privacy. From the privacy controls on Facebook (accessible through Account, Privacy Settings), you can control everything relating to privacy on your profile.

Adjusting the available settings for application privacy as far as blocking specific apps or controlling who can see your activity is easy. Once you get to the Privacy Settings page, just click into Applications and Settings, and you can view what your current settings are, and make changes as often as you like. There is one ‘small’ part of privacy that remains out of your control.

If an application wants information from your profile that is considered more private than what you’ve said can be publicly available to everyone, Facebook requires that the app ask permission to use the info. However, Facebook doesn’t control posts made to your wall by third party apps, and at this point doesn’t allow you to either, giving you an ‘all or none’ scenario. (This is part of the reason you have to “allow” applications to access your profile the first time you use them. Facebook is letting you know the apps are outside of the normal realm of privacy settings, among other things.)

When you post a status update or something to your wall normally, you see a small lock next to the ‘share’ button that allows you to customize who can see your post from ‘everyone’ right down to individual people. If you’re using an third party application that makes posts to your profile (whether or not you have to confirm that it can do this first), you won’t have the little lock available to you at this point. What this means to you is that you won’t be able to choose who can, and sometimes more importantly, who can’t see it.

Your basic settings as far as Friends, Friends of Friends, or Everyone being able to see it will remain intact, but if you like to post certain things while you’re at work and don’t want your boss or coworkers who are on your friends list to see it, you’ll be left with two options and by doing all this a person can easily claim for their torguard discount coupon which they can use anytime they want.

The easiest (and possibly best for your job security) might be to just wait until you head for home to use that app. The other option is to set up your default for the Publisher Control to not include people like your boss or coworkers. You can always allow them to see wall posts you make by changing the setting when you make a post during a time you wouldn’t get in trouble at work, but it would be an adjustment you’d need to make every time. To change your default setting for the Publisher control, go to Privacy Settings, Profile Information, Change Settings. Then make adjustments to the default settings from the ‘Posts by Me’ drop down.