How To Get Your Ex Back Using Social Media

No one wants to go through the torture of break up but if for any reason you have gone through this and you have tried to get over it but nothing works, then this article is for you. This is how to get your ex back.

Your ex may not fall for the regular meeting up to have a chat because they probably are still upset on how the situation was managed. The best thing to do would be using social media to sell your intentions and make a statement.

Firstly you might need to go through his social media handles to know how active he’s been. This would ensure that whatever you upload would be seen by him.

Then upload pictures of yourselves together and attach a nice caption that isn’t too suggestive. These would get his attention for sure.

Next is to flaunt your image on social media. Take great selfies, very attractive ones that are sure to get you lots of comments and likes, something different from your regular kind of pictures. This would get him curious to know what’s new in your life and if you are still available. Whether or not he comments on any of your uploads, he is already feeling the pressure by now because he knows that if he doesn’t step up soon someone else might, so he is likely to give you a call soon.

In the situation that he doesn’t, do not let it bother you one bit. Confidently carry on with your activities and give him some time. you have to take into consideration that he is also conscious of himself as well and doesn’t want to come off as “suddenly crazy about you,” he will take his time to strategize on how to initiate communication with you.