Complete Facts And Figures Related To Instagram Bio 

Instagram is the best entertaining source for most of the people. People love to create an account on this platform as this is a platform that creates communication with different people living in different parts of the world. Not only is Instagram used by people for personal reasons, but even people are using it for the expansion of their business premises.

Now we will discuss in detail about some of the tips that will help in using the Instagram for the expansion of the business:

Decide why to use Instagram

Before using Instagram for the expansion of the business, just get the answer to the question of why to use Instagram for the expansion of business? Though the answer to this question is simple, Instagram helps in increasing the brand awareness among the people, not only this; even the people help in getting the people to know about the product and services.

Once you are done with the finalization that you wish to use Instagram for the expansion of the business, try to make the profile look attractive.

For this, you have to make sure that you add good information in the bio giving the complete description. Then, you can use the profile photo of the Instagram that ultimately represents the business.

You should, first of all, make an analysis regarding the biography for instagram for girls so that you can make your profile look attractive and unique as per the current trending situation.

As we all know, these days, our country is facing the pandemic of the corona. In this situation, the demand for Instagram has increased a lot as people are using it as a marketing tool to expand the business. While making the account on Instagram, a person must try to make the account’s bio attractive.

Social Media Marketing And Branding

When you are writing in social media: writing tweets, writing facebook updates and adding content to your blog, it is important to spell check and to read what you have written. Even then, editorial content is easily littered with improper grammar (I read over everything I write, use spell check and read again and I still will find errors – sometimes weeks later. Did I say how happy I am that I don’t work in print?) I found this post about how to treat your content in social media marketing and I felt that this is something fresh, not written about often.

Here is the quote, “The editorial management of social media should not be viewed that differently to editing a magazine, newspaper or television program. If you are a large brand with a million followers on Facebook for instance, there is an absolute requirement to keep those fans interested. Brands need to curate and provide interesting content. They need to find a consistent tone of voice. They need to engage effectively with their fans. As with more traditional publishing such as magazines or newspapers, if the content is not hitting the right notes, if it does not respond to what the readers ask for and engage or entertain, it risks losing those readers to a rival. The same is absolutely true in terms of brand’s social media presences.

Just as the traditional publishing world has suffered audience decline through the increased competition offered by a fragmenting media market, the same is rapidly becoming true in the world of social media. If as a brand, you have converted a fan through Facebook for example, you have to nurture that fan and grow your relationship with them or risk losing them to a competitor brand.

With an increasing number of brands building their social media presences, there is an increasing level of choice for consumers. Realistically, consumers are not going to be-friend every brand they vaguely like. They are going to cherry pick the very best, so if as a brand, you want to ensure it is your status updates that are filling your user’s news feeds, you need to quickly recognize that your role is one of publisher.” Read the entire article here (and can I mention that I corrected a spelling error or two?) Luckily, with the web, it is so easy to go in and fix. Read the entire post here.

Why Do People Buy YouTube Subscribers? Fan base can be possibly established by buying subscribers on YouTube. So, the owner of the YouTube channel buys subscribers as the audience tends to view channels with huge admirers. In order to lift the existence of video on YouTube, thrilling contents must be uploaded from time to time as per the interest of viewers to keep them hooked. In this way, a YouTube video can gain popularity and bigger traffic as well.

How To Get Found On Facebook

Facebook has recently told us that it has 150 million users log-in to its website every single day. So if you have a business, you may as well try out Facebook for marketing. That’s a lot of potential customers out there. Many businesses have done this recently, some of them even scrapping time on their website and trading it in for time on Facebook. Although with popularity comes competition. Can you imagine how many Facebook Pages are out there competing with yours? The mind boggles.

You need to think differently to get noticed but if you do the benefits are tremendous. Here are a few ways. Some of the benefits of the buying of the likes and comments at the social platform are listed below. Visit Website at the search engines which offers the correct and real information to the people. The information about the ways is provided to the people. 

  1. Use your profile photo well – Make sure it tells people who land on your page who you are and more importantly what you have to give them. People on Facebook have itchy fingers, they don’t wait around for long. Get their attention as quickly as you can and keep it. Make it as big as you can and eye catching.
  2. Use your name well – What name would attract you to a page? Be brutally honest with this one here. Often, you should just use the businesses name here. If it’s a franchise, you may want to add the city name as well to differentiate it (eg. Wetherspoons Piccadilly).
  3. Use your URL well – On Facebook, you can choose to have a standard URL which has a tonne of numbers after the forward slash or you can have a Vanity URL. Tonnes of people will find your business simply by typing ‘’. This may also help your business in Search Engine Rankings. Also, if you get an official sounding name it shows authority. Businesses with names like “AutomotiveParts34” just sound silly and people will not be sure if it is what they’re looking for.
  4. Give followers good information – When you get to the Information box on Facebook, fill it in with as much useful information as you can. Tell them a little about your history and then go straight into how you can help them. Also, use a lot of Keywords related to your business so that you get tonnes of traffic from Search Engines. Words for a car company might be – exhaust, petrol, chassis etc.
  5. Personal touch – A fantastic way to do this is to make a page on which you can add extra tabs. They show at the top of the page and if they seem interesting, others will click on them. You may have seen these already with tabs like ‘Discussion’ and ‘Forum’ appearing regularly. Keep on connecting with those Facebook fans and they will do the marketing for you. Every time that they post something, it comes up on their news feed for all their friends to see which is great publicity. Word of mouth is the best there is.
  6. Use current networks – If you already have networks online for your business then tell them about your Facebook page. It helps to put a little banner on your website/blog about your Facebook presence. Many people will prefer to connect with you on this site as they are on it so often anyways. It only takes a second and is worth trying out.

Tips For Good Social Media Karma

Getting the most out of social media sites for traffic benefits and increased sales can be daunting and time consuming. Each site works differently to the next and has different features, however the underlying idea is the same – to be social! It is imperative that you become known and not just part of the crowd. If you shine above the rest then you will likely become more noticed and people will take more of an interest in you and what you’re doing.

Here’s a quick checklist of things to keep in mind while losing yourself in the world of social media. It’s easy to go off track and get distracted from your main purpose of promoting yourself, but follow these rules and it will help you keep focused on the task at hand.

  • Behave yourself! Most things you do are monitored and can lead to sometimes permanent infractions;
  • Make sure you say interesting things. People don’t want to get bored. Sell them your ideas and products and even be controversial!
  • Keep discussions lively – this will help others notice you and increase the chance of adding you as a friend, checking your profile, website or product;
  • Comment on feedback whether it is positive or negative and remember they are entitled to their own opinion!
  • Always update your profile or add more if things change in your life;
  • Ensure you have chosen a good username. It can be related to your niche or product or just your name, but poor usernames are a no-no;
  • Add your RSS feed from your blog or site to automate posts to your social accounts like Twitter and Facebook;
  • Customize your profile pages, information pages and any other page you can. You want to look as unique as possible and this will make your profile look much more interesting than using the same stock images/designs that hundreds of thousands of other users also use;
  • Don’t join every social site under the sun. For socializing, it’s best to stick with a handful at most social sites to become a serious part of the community. By joining too many you will spread yourself too thinly and not get the most from your efforts. In this case it is quality over quantity. Of course you can use a service like Hellotxt to automate comments to more than one site and that will save you a lot of time;
  • Ensure you have up-to-date information on your pages. This is not just your name and age, but your company images, logo’s, portfolio and any other relevant info;
  • Link your blog or site to your social sites so people can find you more easily;
  • Always reply to your emails and comments and look for other people in similar niches to follow and interact with;

Just follow the aforementioned points and you would understand the basic aspects of internet marketing and how social media is the proverbial tool for getting many new subscribers and viewership on various platforms as are given on

Before You Start Social Network Marketing

There are plenty of brand mentions to go around in Social Network Sites. Consumers continuously shape brand perception with their online conversations; This means your company and your brands’ reputation is on-the-line. What can you do? give the influencers something positive to talk about.

The above graphic by PR firm immediate future illustrates the number of brand mentions, for the top 25 brands, throughout a significant portion of the social media landscape for 2007. The beginning n of online marketing is done with the purchase of the YouTube subscribers.  Is it ok to buy YouTube subscribers? With the availability of the subscribers, the promotion of the brand is done effectively. All the things should be considered while purchasing the subscribers. 

Many companies have used social network sites to spread their message and to create brand awareness. Adidas and its campaign using a MySpace poll in its profile is one of the most cited examples of big companies using social networks. The poll itself generated more than 50,000 votes, but the whole campaign was seen by around four million MySpace users. For a campaign as minor as that, four million is a figure hard to ignore. Pizza Hut in South Korea, on the other hand, used Cyworld, and that too garnered an overwhelming response. Results such as these have prompted other brands to follow. And soon enough, Pontiac, Skittles, Victoria’s Secret, among several others, have used MySpace, Facebook, and other similar websites.

But despite these success stories, it is still a generalization to say that using social network sites as a means for promotion and marketing is for everyone. For some companies, this process will fit like a glove, which will obviously result to a positive outcome. For a number of brands, however, the process may be more strenuous, the results less sterling.

So how do you decide if you should use social network sites for your brand? Here are some factors and tips you should consider.

  1. Are you customers members of social network sites? According to Social Media demographics, the online population can be classified into six types: producers, commentators, gatherers, joiners, observers, and inactives. Joiners, as the name implies, are those who join in various activities online. If majority of your customers are joiners, using social network sites as a means for marketing will be effective and can produce positive results. This simply says that you first have to make sure that you can reach to a significant number of customers before you make any marketing efforts through social networks. Age is one of the key factors you should take note of. If your brand caters to people ages thirteen to twenty-three, you must use social networks. If your customers are aged from twenty-four to thirty-five, your efforts will probably succeed too. On the other hand, if your customers are older, your marketing efforts may not yield substantial results. However, sites such as Facebook are exerting efforts to reach out to older people, so marketing through social network sites may become imperative regardless of the age of your clientele in the near future.
  1. Will your customers be active? As in the case of Adidas and Pizza Hut, it has been proven that customers can be active in social network site marketing tactics. The level of participation will determine the success of your endeavor. If the level of participation will not be significant and the brand enthusiasm online is low, it is best to exert marketing efforts in other areas. At this stage, it may be imperative for you to know the online buzz regarding your brand.
  1. Does your brand have online presence even before you exert effort? Social networks have been around for a number of years now. It is possible that someone has already created a MySpace profile or Facebook group of your brand. So before you use social network sites, check what’s already out there. If there are already existing groups or profiles, this should not discourage you from using social network sites. The fact that you will maintain the official page of the brand on MySpace, for example, will attract avid and enthusiastic customers, since you can use this to disseminate information and as a base for future marketing attempts. But on the other hand, you should not discourage these groups too. You should find a way to incorporate these existing pages and accounts. One of the mistakes of a number of organizations is shutting down unofficial profiles, just like what then presidential candidate (and now United States president) Barack Obama did with an unauthorized MySpace page. Do not view them as competition; rather, treat them as an ally.

  1. Can your brand promote interaction through social network sites? If you do create MySpace or Facebook profile for your brand, the members who will add you as a “friend” are those with an existing relationship with your brand or service. So rather than just using the social network site profile as a means for marketing, you should use it to interact and communicate with your “friends.” This way, you are creating a deeper relationship which, in turn, could lead to brand loyalty. This can be done by using widgets, wallpapers, and other promotional tools and spreading them through your social networking profile. You should also respond to comments left by members; in bulk or individually, depending on the content. Of course, you will need to people to program your profile and to reply to messages and comments. With this done, you can use social network sites as a main base for your advertising effort.

Analyzing The Tiktok Phenomenon With Objective Points

Ever since the social media revolution that launched during mid 2000s, we have seen many social networking sites that have taken over our imagination for both right and wrong reasons because this is pertaining modern age technology.

The mobile phones have become ‘smart’ due to the internet finding its way into them for which they are termed as mini computers with a massive following of sorts and today there is hardly anyone that doesn’t have his own mobile.

Even the mobile apps have acquired a following of their own with TikTok being head and shoulders above others and that too within just 2 years of its launch, a feat that hasn’t been matched by anyone.

Future Prospects

TikTok was launched in 2017 and became the number 1 downloaded app from Playstore and App store in a record breaking time that quickly eclipsed the popularity of Dubsmash as video making had a new boss in town.

Even today, youngsters that have started knowing this app always look up for the downloading options soon after seeing it with their own eyes so let us now look at the steps involved.

It is pretty simple depending on whether you’re using Android or Apple, you just need to go to the play store and type ‘TikTok’ after which you will see the option right in front where you click on ‘Install’ and soon it would start buffering the download in a few seconds.

In order to download tiktok video, you need to be sure of wish for as it has been in the news since the past few months where it has threatened the national security of many countries as China is using it as a medium to collect data information of its users worldwide.

The future prospects don’t seem to be very bright as TikTok has been banned by India, which was its biggest revenue market that has led to a massive $2 billion loss and intense backlash from all other nations.

Twitter, Plurk, and Other Social-Networking Programs

One of the most important things I found for myself as a blogger is a way to connect with others, those who would be potential readers for my blogs. Back in 2006 I joined the Social Site Twitter on the advise of Robert Scoble, Tech Blogger extrodiare.

It was my first foray into Social Media , and I can tell you it was a hoot to learn. I am now a follower of over 330 people and have 319 followers. This tally matters because it allows you to be what I call a fly on the wall in some of the most amazing conversations. And also, as you connect with people you become associated with them and the projects they are working on. As you friend people, you can ask questions and get a real learning experience as well.

I am also a user of Plurk. I just started this but already have made a few friends and my ‘karma’ is going up. Karma allows you more control over what your Plurk homepage looks like as well as what types of CSS can be rewritten by you the user. The Plurk folks describe the Karma as a calculation of your use, with various degrees of “enlightenment”.

I am in the process of trying to up my Karma by updating my profile, lurking quality plurks ( same as tweets in respect of posting) and also inviting my friends. If your interested in joining , let me know!

Another social medium I love is Stumble upon. With Stumble upon you are able to post your favorite blogs, posts, videos what ever you find. You get associated with others who find your favorites interesting and you have total control over your content. Another great way to get readership for your own blog posts!

Instagram is another social media platform used by millions of people across the globe. It is now considered as one of the giant social networking platforms. This is why new tools are being developed to help IG users even further such as

So, these are two of the better known and most easy to use Social Sites, there are a few others also worthy of mention such as Facebook and LinkedIn, Flickr, and a really neat site my kids love called Gaia. Facebook is the best I have found out of the major three meeting places. It is very easy to start up with and afford you great control over who can join your pages, and what they can and can have access to. I love the ability to meet other people who have the same interests as I do. I am currently using it to look for people who want to help support our troops via the new organization that I am on the board of directors of. And Facebook does have the fun stuff to do, such as list your favorite music and movies and you can invite friends to join from your email. I purposely left out Myspace as I feel its geared more to the younger crowd and very hectic feeling.

For those who love photography, Flickr is the way to go. I joined Flickr back in 2006 , also on the word of Robert Scoble and have been a serious user ever since. No matter what photographs you might be looking for, they can be found at Flickr. And you can find groups to join listed by state, topic of interest or from the Interestingness page. I make sure to check that page each day, because that is where you will find the best of Flickr shown.

For the younger hipper crowd I suggest Gaia Online. Gaia lets you choose an avatar and place your blog- like content on a special page that belongs to you. I watch my kids work on their codes each day and its great for those who want to learn how to do template work and graphics. I have not joined this one yet, but I have a feeling if I can find an extra few hours in my day, I will eventually join it. It seems to be really fun for the users with non of the harsh restrictions I noticed at NeoPets.

So now I have outlined a few of the better known Social Networking Sites, what can they do for you? If you blog these sites can become your best friend after Google’s Labs page. What I mean is, you can use these sites to gain readership for you’re blog, find others who are into the same topics or lateral topics.

I have been able to gain quite a few readers who have now become dedicated to coming to my blog and following me on my other projects. I have been able to use two blog sites, MyBlogLog and BlogCatalog to introduce my newest Blog, 98.5 KOME ~ ROCKs. I have been able to locate with ease other Music Bloggers and form friendships which will work well for each side. I get readers and so do they! So those are two more websites that can help.

Another reason Social Networking Sites are of benefit is the ranking issue. The more you use sites such as Twitter or Friendfeed you gain rank for those pages. Then you are able to attach the Social Site to your blog, providing you with a incoming link of high rank. This is really important to newer sites just starting out.

Since I have joined these services I have been I introduced to many people some of whom have become partners in various projects I have worked on. Others have used my Research Services, and provided me with a clientel to place in my resume. And still other people have become friends which is also a great benefit of these sites. Imagine having friends from all over the world, beats being a pen pal in the old days. Sometimes if your lucky, you actually find a account for a actor or Music Band and that gives some neat stuff to add into a post on your blog as well.

It is important that you keep your safety in mind when deciding to join a social Networking site. Never give your personal information out to strangers, and if you get any emails that look like they are official emails from your new service, do not click any links in that email but instead go sign into your account and talk to a person from the customer service department. Also, there are sadly people who want to take advantage of newer users of these sites so beware and do not become personal friends with anyone until you have had time to get to know them and feel comfortable.

If you’re teens or younger children wish to join these sites I advise your being the account owner so that you are fully aware of who they might be talking with or viewing. Some of these sites are not for the younger kids and do not have parental controls so its best you check the networking website out first so you can be aware of what the children will be exposed to.

All in all, Social Networking is a great tool for business and personal use and can add benefits to your business projects. So sign into a few from this list here at the Social Networking Wiki ( and have fun!

Is Social Networking Diminishing to Society’s Day to Day Social Skills?

Not only has the internet brought about profound transformation concerning the business, public information, and in the media, but it also has completely revolutionized communication and personal contact as we know it. Social networking has become one of our main ways of communicating interpersonally because there are now so many different ways to do so. Large companies use the most common social networking websites and tools like in order to catch the attention of millions instead of just hanging a sign outside their shop. The amount of people in the world using these websites has now flourished rapidly, starting with a few users corresponding globally in their spare time to a phenomenon that engages the constant attention of tens of millions of users.

As far as communication goes, people used to take delivery of information to one another from the far reaches of the world by pony express, by steamboat, by railroad, or even by missiles and motorcycles. Today, not only does standard mail only take a couple of days to arrive, but it is also possible to send messages to one another almost instantaneously on the World Wide Web.

On the internet, it is also possible to create public social networking websites free of charge. It has become possible to send updates via your mobile device now as well. What this can mean is that even though you may not have access to a computer, any person that is online is still able to see your most recent twitter update or mobile photo if you so desire it. Does it not seem like everyone you know has a “MySpace” to keep in touch with family and friends, or they have a “Face book” to play games on? There are so many. Twitter is a form of “microblogging” where you can either log on to your account with a computer and update it regularly or you have the option of signing up for mobile updates in which you are able to text the information directly to the website. allows you to link to a song or music video and comment about it freely, no pay per view, no shopping at the music store, and waiting to show it off to your friends. You also have the option of allowing your current status, mood, or recent activities to appear to others by posting pictures, links, information, “blurbs” and “blogs” or weblogs. Not only are there several different ways for a person to contact you on the internet, but most people will utilize more than one.

In summation, I would say that there is not only a good side but also a bad side to everything humans have ever created. From the good side’s defensive standpoint, I would say that for some individuals, social networking is the catalyst necessary to get them to speak and interact in good health with others. It has also become beneficial for friends and family members that live long distances from one another and enjoy talking regularly. Online networking entails no worrying about long-distance phone calls on the bill later or having to go out to buy stamps and stationery. However, in the same ways, social networking has become beneficial; it has also been quite detrimental to maintaining our world’s social skills, etiquette, self-presentation, and body language. Is it not more awkward than ever to present yourself with the right handshake or even to smile at a random passerby? Instead of providing a resume and asking to speak with a company facilitator you now apply online. It seems to me that if you are unable to use a computer in today’s world, you are most likely viewed as uneducated, strange, or primitive. It is obvious that communication over the web has brought about many problems that not only conflict with the laws of many countries but also with the values of many families. Some families can no longer enjoy a meal together without their email alert vibrating their phone off the table, someone cannot be alone and bored without updating their friends about it and it is concepts similar to these that show how global social networking can not only be convenient and entertaining but can also be damaging to society and families in many different ways.

MySpace, Facebook- Latest Craze or Craziness?

Back in 2005, I was performing on stage in a Improv group in West Michigan. We performed about once or twice a week at a coffee shop and another local gig. Through some light promotions, we were offered a gig at the comedy club in downtown Grand Rapids with our own night. After all said and done, we did end up turning this down and the group did eventually break up.

During our quick rise, the leader of the group announced that we all need to sign up with Facebook and MySpace. My first response, why? That’s a thing for teenagers that have nothing better to do. He told us it was to help promote the group and get fans online and such.

OK fine, so I signed up with MySpace, and later on, Facebook. First off, the site really isn’t clear how to do your profile properly. You look at some of these profiles and they have these awesome backgrounds and other nifty features. I spent close to six months trying to figure out how to customize MySpace. Now don’t get me wrong, I design great Web sites no problem. My issue is that when I design a Web site, I like to do it old-school, in notepad. On MySpace you can’t do this. It wasn’t until I was at someone’s house, and I sat there watching their 9-year-old update his MySpace account did I figure out how to do it. The craziness of the social networking site will be excellent with the private options at the account. How to view private instagram profiles without following the account of the person. Regular posting of the content will be beneficial for the person. The lifestyle of the person will be changed without any problem.

That’s got to be the dumbest way in the world to do it, and I can’t believe I didn’t figure it out after six months. You go to these template sites, pick one you like, then you go back to MySpace and in one of the boxes that you fill out on your profile, you simply paste the code. DUHHH. I consider myself somewhat smart when it comes to this Internet stuff. I wasn’t old, I was in my mid-20s during all this.

I look for some templates and all I can find are these gothic vampire templates and just plain stupid ones. I decided to pick some crayon template. Here it is six years later, I still have the crayons. Whatever. Despite the troubles with this, MySpace has been a great site! I’ve been able to connect up with people that I haven’t talked to in years, and also get connected up with cousins. My family was one of the older ones in the extended family, so many of my cousins are/were teens at the time. Great! I get along good with most of my cousins, many I only see at the get-togethers once every 4 years. You’re talking 40 cousins that live across the country.

MySpace kept changing things, and it just got stupid. Now don’t get me wrong, MySpace is still popular among many people, I now ignore it for the most part.

I got into the Facebook craze about 4 months ago. I started looking for some more of my cousins and people that I went to school with, and had some pretty good luck. The feeds were great, you could keep up with what everyone was doing. Then I realized..Wait a minute..The stuff people write, half of it used to go into private diaries, and now it’s going right in front of half the world to read.

Facebook has been a good site, although they keep changing things. These sites keep changing things to “make it better” but in all honesty, all they’re doing is screwing it up. Human nature doesn’t like change very well. We get used to it one way, and if changes are made, we go screaming the other way.

At the time of writing this article, the biggest craze on Facebook is using the apps. More specifically, Farmville and Mafia Wars. Mafia Wars never interested me. I tried the Farmville app, once. It made absolutely no sense to me at all, and I couldn’t figure anything out. This wasn’t my first game app I played, I had been playing Restaurant City for about three weeks before trying Farmville. I’m back to just Restaurant City.

Now Restaurant City is just like its name. You build a restaurant, design it, keep it clean, all that good stuff. For those that are into simulation games such as Simcity, the Sims, this is a good game for it. I’m obsessed over those games, I can play them for hours. Which explains all the time I’ve wasted on Restaurant City. I would seriously turn it on in the morning and next thing I know, it’s 6 p.m. Where’d the day go?? The game itself is rather boring, but there’s so much you can do.

I’ve come to the conclusion that Facebook and MySpace are for those that have no life. We all get on those sites because we’re bored, but, as it happens, many of us get addicted. I remember the days of logging into my MySpace two or three times a day. Now I’m lucky to log in once every 2 weeks. So, it’s up to you to decide..If you do sign up for these sites, if you don’t want to get totally addicted, don’t play the apps. If you do, you’ll begin to wonder..Is this the latest craze, or the latest craziness of human nature taking over?

Happy Facebook: How Involved in Our Online Social Networks Are We?

Facebook is a thriving online social network, as vibrant and alive as those who subscribe to it. It is enormously helpful and convenient in terms of keeping in touch with friends, gaining new ones, and contacting old ones. Those who said that technology would isolate each individual clearly need to rethink their ideas after witnessing the web of communication that Facebook has created.

However, with increased information and updates on friends’ personal information and activities comes increased stalking ability. Facebook appears to be taking away our freedom to decide just how much we want our friends to be involved in our lives. This is easy problem to fix, because if Facebook’s practices become too intrusive, you can always delete your account. But would you really consider doing that?

One manifestation of this problem is in birthdays. Normally you might not have a knack for remembering birthdays, but you might know those of your close friends and family. However, with the arrival of Facebook, you are told when all of your Facebook friends’ birthdays are, so you have no excuse for not knowing. This might not be a problem, because Facebook only tells you the birthdays that occur in the next week, but most people that I know with Facebook accounts check them regularly, that is every day or every other day. A list of the 10 Best Sites to Buy Instagram Followers will be provided to the person for the purchase at online search engines. The rankings should be checked to get the best results with minimum effort. The purchase of the actual followers will be done from the best site to derive the benefit. 

What if you do not want to wish your friend a happy birthday? You might ask “why not?” but the point is that Facebook should not create this obligation. Anyone who finds out on Facebook that it is your birthday will most likely send you a message or post on your wall, whether they wanted to or not, because they felt obligated to.

Consider this specific-but-extremely-realistic scenario: you just had a fight with your good friend and you haven’t been talking for the past couple of weeks. Her birthday comes up, and you do not want to speak to her or contact her, because maybe she had hurt you in some way. However, this may make matters worse, because not only are you no longer speaking to her, but you did not wish her well on their birthday. Not only that, but it is not that you forgot her birthday; you purposefully ignored the fact. She knew that you knew about her birthday because of Facebook. You knew that she knew you knew. It is bad all around.

Unfortunately, it appears as though Facebook and freedom to conduct certain aspects of you social life as you see fit do not mix. Perhaps we would do best to move away from the comforts and ease of Facebook, because it may begin to dictate our social decisions.