The Hero CPL Viewership Has Increased By 56%?

T20 cricket has unmatched popularity all across the world. Almost every country where cricket is popular hosts a T20 cricket tournament of their own. The Caribbean also hosts a T20 tournament every year known as Hero Caribbean Premier League. The T20 tournament is held every year, where players from various cricketing nations participate. Hero Moto Corp sponsors the tournament.

The first edition of the Hero Cpl schedule was held in the year 2013, and 8 editions have been held so far. The tournament has six teams participating for the ultimate CPL title and the trophy. 

Trinbago Knight Riders have won the maximum number of 3 times while the Barbados Tridents have secured the title 2 times. Barbados Tridents are also the defending champions. They secured the 2019 title by defeating Guyana Amazon Warriors in the final face-off. The tournament includes league matches followed by playoff matches featuring the top 4 teams. 

How Has The Viewership Of CPL Has Hiked Up? 

The tournament has regularly achieved new popularity milestones when compared to the previous editions. The reputation of the league has constantly been increasing over all these years of its existence. Due to the increasing popularity, the tournament saw an astonishing 56% rise in terms of its viewership in its previous edition in 2019 when compared to the 2018 edition. This huge increase in its viewership says a lot about the hiked popularity of the tournament. The 2019 edition was started on 4th September and lasted till 12th November. The total number of viewers of the 2019 edition was recorded to be 312 million. 

With the constantly increasing mania of T20 cricket, the viewership of Hero CPL is expected to rise higher with every upcoming edition. The next edition of Hero Cpl schedule is about to kick start in September 2020, and its popularity is expected to hike up even more just like all the previous editions.  

Evan Lysacek is a True Olympic Champion

Evan Lysacek is the 2010 Olympic gold medalist in men’s figure skating. Earning that medal was a long time in coming. It took years of dedication, hard work and discipline. Along the way he had guidance from a veteran coach Frank Carroll and a master choreographer Lori Nichol. Lysacek also had the support of his family, friends and dedicated fans. When it came time for all the accolades after winning the gold medal. He said that 99% was earned by his coach and 1% for himself. Carroll taught Lysacek not to be a selfish athlete, but to be gracious and thankful to the sport of men’s figure skating.

In his interview with NBC commentator Bob Costas, Lysacek said that he worked for the full experience of the 2010 Olympic Winter Games in Vancouver, Canada. He wanted to remember in the years to come his performance on the ice. It had nothing to do with a gold, silver or bronze medal. It had to be that Olympic moment and what an incredible moment that was. After Lysacek finished his “free skate program” Carroll told him that whatever happens you know you did your best on the ice. Lysacek overwhelmed on every level.

After Lysacek beat Yevgeny Plushenko for the gold medal by one point. Plushenko turned to his country of Russia and put down Lysacek. A sore loser. Lysacek responded with graciousness and respect for the Russian skater. He told Bob Costas that Plushenko was a hero of his and admired him for his dedication to the sport of men’s figure skating. Lysacek went onto thank everyone else first before himself. If that is what Carroll taught him then that is the true character of an Olympic champion. You never do it alone. In all of his interviews Lysacek talked about his respect for men’s figure skating, coaches, choreographers, fans and the Olympic spirit. He told Costas that he would still be happy with any medal because he performed his best at the 2010 Olympics.

The journey of an Olympic gold medalist is not an easy one. Evan Lysacek skated all his life and earned a spot on the 2006 Olympic team. He fell in his “short program” and landed in tenth place. That moment was very defining for him because he came back in the “free skate program” with determination and jumped to fourth place. He became a competitor on the ice. That was the beginning of his journey as a champion of men’s figure skating.

Can you imagine for a moment four years of working on the ice? Jumping, falling, competing, winning, losing, injuries and seeking perfection through victories and defeat. Lysacek went through all that and more leading up to the moment when he felt that gold medal against his chest. In an extended NBC interview Lysacek discussed his love of the sport of figure skating. Choreography, music, costumes, speed, twisting, jumping, grace, masculinity and the wind across his face. Every body muscle used when he steps onto the ice intrigued him. He claimed to be a sponge by soaking up every aspect of not only his sport but also the sport of ice hockey, basketball and other athletes. He learns from everyone

Through it all Lysacek has become a gracious Olympic champion and that will be remembered for years to come. He definitely earned that gold medal and it all began with that thrilling “short skate program” and ended with a near flawless “free skate program.” It will be an experience long appreciated not just by Lysacek, but also by us as well. I’ve watched both programs a dozen times or so and all I can say is “wow.” I was never a fan of men’s figure skating. Now I am. Congratulations Evan Lysacek. You are a true Olympic champion.

In conclusion, to reach the level where Evan Lysacek is right now is no mean task as it requires a lot of determination and focus towards the achievement of goals. One reason for that is that Lysacek, aside from being talented had an important quality that many stars lack and that is not letting success go to his head and remain grounded and humble even after being at the top. He considered skating as his passion and saw the skating rink as 안전토토사이트as it became a platform of success for him.

Football’s Ten Commandments for Ball Carriers

1. Though Shalt Always Carry the Ball with a Four Point Grip

Don’t you hate when a guy carries the ball like a loaf of bread, or worse, when a quarterback runs past the line of scrimmage still carrying the ball like he might throw it. When these guys fumble the ball, I just want to punch them in the face.

2. Though Shalt Not Extend the Ball Out Unprotected

I hate when a player tries to extend for a first down only to have the ball swatted from his hands by the defense. They don’t seem to understand that it is better to come up short than turn over the ball.

3. Though Shalt Not F Up a Hand Off

Man I hate when a running back can’t take a hand off. All the quarterback does is stick it in your stomach buddy, the rest is up to you. See it goes like this. 1) Put arms around ball. 2) Run. It’s not rocket science.

4. Though Shalt Protect the Ball When Running Up the Middle

I love those replays where you see a ball carrier come up the middle and then WAM! One defender sticks a hand in there and that’s all it takes to pop the ball out. Look guy, when you’re running through the line someone is going to touch you. Cover the freaking ball.

5. Though Shalt Put Thy Shoulder Down and Plow Defenders

Nothing I hate more than a running back that runs standing up. Just because he is suppose to tackle you doesn’t mean he will. I wish coaches would whack every 220 pound running back who gets tackled by a 180 pound corner with a rolled up newspaper. Despicable.

6. Though Shalt Not be Tackled by the Kicker

My favorite kicker, Ted Nugent (NUUUUUGE) is quite good at tackling run away ball carriers. If it’s anyone other than Nuge, you best not be taken out by a guy who never lifts weights, doesn’t get timed in the 40 and never bothered to learn how to properly tackle.

7. Though Shalt Not Attempt To Randomly Pitch the Ball

People will hate you when your attempted pitch bounces into the hands of a defender who runs it into the end zone to win the game. There is way more bad than good that can come out of a spontaneous pitch.

8. Though Shalt Run Away From a Punt Thou Doesn’t Intend to Catch

I think that punt returners who touch a ball they didn’t intend to catch should be subject to shock therapy. It’s NOT hard. RUN AWAYYYYY.

9. Though Shalt Follow Thy Blockers

Why bother calling plays if a back won’t follow his blockers. That pulling tackle might as well sit down on the snap and watch you shake and bake your way to a three yard loss.

10. Though Shalt Not Run Backwards

The most infuriating thing to watch for a fan, a coach and your team is when you decide that if you run 20 yards backwards you’ll be able to slip all 11 defenders for a touchdown. This is terrible logic. If you haven’t noticed, most touchdowns come from running FORWARD and (gasp!) following your BLOCKERS.

In conclusion, football is a game that is more a battle of wits than physical exertion as what matters is studying your opponent’s mind by reading his face and conclude what would be his next move. For football lovers across the world, do visit the site and get your football index bonus code to get to know more about the sport in detail.

Biggest Sports Events

            At this point, it already is common knowledge that indeed, sports play an integral role not just in the life of an individual, but the people around them as well. Because of this, it doesn’t really come across as a surprise to know that indeed, there are several large events in sports which isn’t just limited to a single part of a community, but rather, involves people from across the country, and in certain instances, all around the world. Sbobet is one of the things which effectively serve as a testimony to the popularity of these sports. If you want to know what the 3 biggest events in sports are, then read on.

24 Hours of Le Mans, France

            The first on this list, and ranking third with more than 240,000 witnessing this event on an annual basis, is this sports event in france where vehicles, both old school and modern are not just featured, but pitted against each other, with the cars competing in terms of stability and time in the countryside of France. This race and showcase event is one which is greatly valued, with roads and permanent racetracks, as well as a visage being prominently featured.


            Held every 2 years, the Olympics is, without a doubt, the biggest international sports competition in the world. Having said that, participants from different countries compete in a wide array of sports, with the winning country being determined in terms of the number of medals. Several countries take turns hosting the event, with billions of spectators around the world rooting and cheering for their country.

FIFA World Cup

            This contest is held every 4 years, with 32 counties battling it out in several matches of football, with it being the biggest one for the said sport. The month-long match is believed to draw billions of spectators from around the world as well.

Switch On That Sports Channel Today

Did you know that watching sports is just as healthy as playing it? So the next time someone tells you that you’re behaving lazy by not moving out of the house when there’s a match on television you need to tell them that you’re doing something beneficial towards your health. If you thought that It was only beneficial when you played sports then you really need to learn more about the benefits of watching it. You can learn more about the health benefits that sports have to offer by visiting togel hongkong.

The best thing that happens to your body when you watch sports is that you relax and forget all your problems. This in turn keeps your body relaxed and calm and you forget all your worries even if it’s for a brief time. This gives your body a lot of time to repair itself and you start to feel healthy and good about yourself in no time.

A number of people suffer from loneliness and depression. It is one of the worst things that a person can go through. When you are lonely, you feel that the world must come to an end because you have nothing to look forward to. One of the best things about sports is that it helps take your loneliness away. Once you find friends that are interested in the same sport as you, you will find a reason to hand out with them on a regular basis. Once the game is being aired on television, you will find reasons to meet up and throw a party every time your team wins. This helps you constantly stay in touch with friends. You will never be bored and you will always look forward to meeting up with people and staying in touch with friends.

Gaming Products To Enjoy While Online

When you happen to use a gaming site that is reliable, you will be able to access various gaming products. A agen sbobet terpercaya has some of the best must-have gaming consoles, accessories, and computers. You will be able to access products like A50 wireless headset, which will assist you when you are doing the raiding; if you are looking for a product to improve your display, and then you can go for Bias Lighting. Get the best out of the many gaming products that they have. Using the best accessories, you will be able to enjoy some of the best gaming products.

Online Betting

When the term betting is used, it covers a great number of events that one could take bets on. While on the official Sbobet site, you will be able to enjoy online sports betting which is one of the largest odds on non-sportsevents which in most circles is referred to as specials.  The popular betting software makes it possible to enjoy the game online. Some of the software which isused on the Sbobet website includes SBTech, 2DB, OddsMatrix, OpenBet, and Geneity. They make online betting, such an interesting sport to enjoy leaving you lost in the flurry of odds and numbers on the screen. The way they are organized and designed on Sbobet plays a major role in making the online betting such an interesting experience.

What To Know About Online Betting

When you start to bet online, you will learn that it is all about being creative and making sure that you enjoy the game as you concentrating on making the maximum profit out of it. This will enable you to teach others this wonderful game and let them earn maximum coins as they continue enjoying the fun that the game brings with it.

Enjoy your betting and other gambling events using the most reliable Sbobet agent.

Reasons To Play Sports

Before joining your neighborhood basketball team, searching the internet for Judi Casino or becoming an avid fan you first get interested in sports. Of course you don’t need to be a fan of every sport and every team, but no one said that you should play a particular sport that caught your attention. Aside from having a wonderful time and the health benefits that come with the exercise there are still a ton of reasons to play sports.


Just about any sport out there will involve some kind of teamwork, without it there’s no real way to win matches. Teamwork is all about working together and adjusting to other members of a team. By doing so, you’re able to develop better social skills and develop a sense of leadership in some cases. Remember, there is no ‘I’ in a team, so each player should think about the benefits of a team as whole. Proper teamwork involves give and take, some players even sacrifice their place in the field if they know that another team member can do better. Even in sports that don’t have teams, like tennis or golf, the players still need to team up and get along with their coaches and staff.


It’s ultimately the goal of a team or player in any sport, to win and gain recognition aside from other achievements. There are varying ways to get recognizes, but the main mission is to win. Normally, you can’t win all the time but that isn’t entirely a bad thing. A person who knows the taste of failure can sympathize with others. All their shortcomings can add to the drive they have to improve and succeed. Keep in mind that, even if you’re the best player or team in world, if you don’t enjoy what you’re doing then the win is meaningless.

Discover the Leading Healthiest Sports Today

Participating in sports does not just improve one’s competitiveness but also promotes good health. Many types of sports actually benefit the health. Some of these major benefits include improved endurance and energy level, alertness, focus and more. Participating in certain sports is proven to benefit the health in various ways. So to ensure that your health is benefiting from sports you are playing, you need to learn about the leading healthiest sports today. For info lebih lanjut, you can explore this site and learn more about the healthiest sports that you can play.

What are the Top Sports that Benefit the Health?

Some individuals may not know it but the following are the healthiest sports that most fitness and health lovers perform or play:

  • Swimming

This is an excellent sport that is good for the heart. This is a low stress sport that helps in keeping the body maintain an idea shape or weight. Swimming helps build muscles, improve lung capacity and burn calories.

  • Cycling

Cycling is both fun and beneficial to the health. With the many benefits of cycling to health such as increased flexibility and muscle strength, improved cardiovascular fitness, decreased anxiety and stress levels, strengthened bone and more no wonder cycling is considered one of the healthiest sports today.

  • Basketball

It is true that basketball is a tiring sport but this also benefit and strengthens the health in many ways. Studies revealed that basketball increases one’s spatial awareness, fosters decision making abilities, improves coordination, and develops confidence and more.

Aside from the sports mentioned above, other leading healthiest sports these days are tennis, rowing, running and skiing. If individuals choose to engage themselves into these sports, their health will surely benefit in countless ways. So the next time you will join or perform a sport, choose one among the healthiest sports given above.

ESportsJunkie Updates

As players or e-game enthusiasts, you’d surely want to be updates with what’s going on in international tournaments, the game developers and if any new game will be coming out soon. Most of the time, you’d have to do individual searches for updates that you’re curious about, but why not visit a website that features all the updates in the world of e-sports? ESportsJunkie or is one of the leading websites that feature events, coverage, news and events that concern e-sports. Some of the games that they cover are DoTa 2, Heathstone, HoTS, CS:GO, LoL and Overwatch.

When you visit the websites, you’d immediately see that the homepage features the latest news, any breaking news, live stream options and a tab that features the games that you want to see updates about. Not only that but you can also receive newsletters in your inbox in case you want to.

DoTa 2

In case you’re wondering what kind of news is features on the website, then let’s look into the current news of DoTa 2. As of now, one if the latest news involves Gfinity hosting certain varsity games for DoTa 2. Gfinity is a UK based organizer that decided to host a couple of varsity games for DoTa 2. These games are featured in about four varying universities. Basically, these games are hosted because of one purpose: to discover the potential of DoTa 2 players in the UK. They concentrate in the UK since the region hasn’t really produces famous DoTa 2 players.

Aside from Gfinity, PyrionFlax will also be present at the event. Because of PyrioFlax, the event will be even more glamorous than before. The event that they planned is basically aimed at the said universities. The universities that will participate are Kings College London, University College London, Imperial College London and The London School of Economics. In addition to the said varsity games and tournaments, all attendees will also be able to mean the whole Gfinity team. The very team which works with live tournaments and even take part in most of the activities.

This is just one of the news that you can be updated on, of course not only with DoTa 2 but with the other mentioned games. You never know when the next tournament would be near you, so we suggest that you sign up for newsletters; never miss out on anything ever again.