How To Clean Vinyl Floors

How to Clean Vinyl Floors and Keep Them Looking New

What is vinyl, and how to clean vinyl floors for the best results. Great tips and techniques for your house cleaning business.

Vinyl is a synthetic plastic resin that is made with solid or surface color. Its durability, affordability and wide variety of patterns and colors made it a great floor covering.

Cleaning vinyl floors can be fairly simple. Sweep or vacuum the vinyl floor to remove grit, dust and sand particles. Always do this step first.

Never use a vacuum cleaner with a beater bar. A beater bar is made for cleaning rugs and carpets, and can mar the surface of the floor.

To clean hard to reach places or edges use the attachments that come with the vacuum cleaner.

How to clean vinyl floors to remove dirt, mop the floor with warm clean water and mild cleaning products to remove germs. After mopping rinse the floor with fresh water thoroughly. Allow to air dry, or buff dry with a clean microfiber mop head.

Another cleaning solution is to mix one tablespoon of ammonia in one quart of lukewarm water. This needs to be rinsed thoroughly from the vinyl floor to avoid leaving behind a film. It’s never a good idea to use ammonia for cleaning in a home with cats. The ammonia smell can encourage the kitty to pee where it shouldn’t. However, ammonia is a good cleaner and can be used upon occasion

How to Clean Vinyl Floors that Have Spots or Stains

There are commercial cleaning products but be sure to read the label. Apply the cleaner with a clean cloth and rinse the spot thoroughly with clean water. Then wipe dry with a clean cloth. When removing spots or stains refrain from using any abrasive scrubbing tools. These tools will leave scratches.

It is very important when learning how to clean vinyl floors to never ever use paste waxes, solvents, soaps or abrasive cleaners. The manufacturer of the vinyl floor will recommend floor polish to restore vinyl floors to its original gloss level.

Some tips to remove stains will help keep your customers happy. Some stains are easy to remove, because they essentially sit on the surface of the vinyl. Other stains bond with the vinyl and create permanent marks.

To remove crayon rub the stain with turpentine or mineral spirits with a clean, white cloth. The area should be scrubbed with a nonabrasive cleaning and scrubbing pad and a floor stripping product. Follow the direction on the label.

Lipstick can also be easily removed by treating the stain with a white cloth with rubbing alcohol. If this doesn’t remove the stain try rubbing with mineral spirit or turpentine.

Wine or grape juice can be scrubbed with a floor stripping product, using a scrubbing pad (make sure it’s nonabrasive).

Mustard is a stain that may not be completely removable from vinyl floors. Try using the floor stripping cleaner as explained earlier.

Another stain that may not be totally removable from vinyl floors is ink with hydrogen peroxide cleaner disinfectant. First try rubbing the stain with isopropyl alcohol using a white cloth. White is best in case the rag you use has color that can bleed. If alcohol does not remove the stain try treating the stain with or orange cleaner or even with turpentine.

For paint spills on the vinyl floor, if the paint is still wet, wipe with a clean white cloth and plenty of clean water. If the spilled or spattered paint is dry, carefully remove the paint solids using a thin, straight edged tool such as a paint knife or spatula. Be careful not to cut the soft, vinyl material.

Flooring is the most important thing that every visitor sees in the house right in the beginning. It should be made sure that the flooring is always kept neat and clean and sanitized throughout to make sure that it is disinfected and is clean enough to facilitate the not breeding of insects and rodents.