Creating New Relationships With Hinge

With our ever independence with technology and devices, it’s no surprise that we’d also be rely on applications for dating; like partnersuche in some countries. Opting for online dating and dating applications isn’t all that bad, platforms like these remove the awkwardness of first time seeing someone despite having talked to them beforehand. It’s highly likely that this isn’t the first time you’ve searched for dating apps but none seem to offer what you’re looking for. In this case, have you tired Hinge?


A lot of people compare Hinge to Tinder because of the numerous similarity in functions and features. Despite the similarities, their main difference is what made Hinge better. At initial glance on the interface, Hinge appears to be the younger sister of Tinder. In terms of the function, Hinge heavily relies on the user’s Facebook account in making great connections. Hinge will connect you to other profiles whom you share mutual friends with, but apart from that it displays what you have in common. The application does this by requiring users to answer some questions. You answer ‘yes’ to the questions by swiping right and ‘no’ by swiping left; this process is faster and easier.

When a person really catches your interest and you want more details about them apart from what’s displayed on the profile, then ask a mutual friend about them. Hinge aims to facilitate that kind of human interaction, the kind that isn’t present in other apps. Take note that users will only be allowed to message one another when they’ve matched; no need to worry with unwanted greeting from people that you’ll never match with. On the profile, a total of ten pictures are allowed so make them count; photos can be imported from Instagram and Facebook accounts.