Defensive RimWorld Mods

RimWorld is an incredibly entertaining game all on itself, but after playing for so long you will get kind of bored; this normally occurs in just any game that you play. No, we’re not telling you to look for a new game altogether, but have you ever thought of searching and installing Rim World mods? There are those for the management of your camp, the health of your colonists and for better defence. We’re here to recommend a great mod for the safety of your camp.

More Vanilla Turrets

Well, as stated in the name, this RimWorld Mod adds more to your turret variation; this was basically designed to retain the vanilla art style alongside other careful balancing. But if you’re thinking of using this mod, take note that you should avoid playing the mod alongside existing saves just to save issues. More Vanilla Turrets is incompatible with the Combat Realism mod. Below are the turret included:

  1. Gun complex – a gun mounted on the perimeter, it was specifically designed to function with or without a source of power or not as long as a colonist is manning it. The gun complex never explodes.
  2. Rocket complex – the earlier weapon category that needs a manual controller as well as manual reloader. Despite that, it’s still a formidable weapon in the front line because of the incredible blast radius and decent optics. Rocket complex explodes and covers a radius of 3 if destroyed; the gun needs shells when reloading.
  3. Military grade turret – a much more powerful version of the automated turret, the military grade turret features a longer dual barrel; the gun is able to reach longer ranges and produces better bursts. Military grade turrets can explode in a radius of 4; take note that this radius is not achieved during every explosion.