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As players or e-game enthusiasts, you’d surely want to be updates with what’s going on in international tournaments, the game developers and if any new game will be coming out soon. Most of the time, you’d have to do individual searches for updates that you’re curious about, but why not visit a website that features all the updates in the world of e-sports? ESportsJunkie or is one of the leading websites that feature events, coverage, news and events that concern e-sports. Some of the games that they cover are DoTa 2, Heathstone, HoTS, CS:GO, LoL and Overwatch.

When you visit the websites, you’d immediately see that the homepage features the latest news, any breaking news, live stream options and a tab that features the games that you want to see updates about. Not only that but you can also receive newsletters in your inbox in case you want to.

DoTa 2

In case you’re wondering what kind of news is features on the website, then let’s look into the current news of DoTa 2. As of now, one if the latest news involves Gfinity hosting certain varsity games for DoTa 2. Gfinity is a UK based organizer that decided to host a couple of varsity games for DoTa 2. These games are featured in about four varying universities. Basically, these games are hosted because of one purpose: to discover the potential of DoTa 2 players in the UK. They concentrate in the UK since the region hasn’t really produces famous DoTa 2 players.

Aside from Gfinity, PyrionFlax will also be present at the event. Because of PyrioFlax, the event will be even more glamorous than before. The event that they planned is basically aimed at the said universities. The universities that will participate are Kings College London, University College London, Imperial College London and The London School of Economics. In addition to the said varsity games and tournaments, all attendees will also be able to mean the whole Gfinity team. The very team which works with live tournaments and even take part in most of the activities.

This is just one of the news that you can be updated on, of course not only with DoTa 2 but with the other mentioned games. You never know when the next tournament would be near you, so we suggest that you sign up for newsletters; never miss out on anything ever again.

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