Essential Oil Burners Vs. Diffusers: Side-By-Side

Diffusing oils into your room is a common thing to do nowadays, given the fact that a lot of studies prove that doing so, especially for certain essential oils allows you to reap a lot of mental and physical benefits from it. The body, indeed benefits from sniffing these oils, but one more question that you have to ask, aside from the kind of oil that you would be using is whether or not you use a diffuser or an essential oil burner to allow the aroma of the oils to disperse into the air. The former makes use of kinetic energy, while the latter makes use of heat. Here is a closer look at these two kinds of diffusers.

Oil Burners

With oil burners, a heat sourse is used in order to evaporate these VOCs, or volatile organic compounds into the air. The heat could either be through a small candle placed under the bowl or plate, or an electric heat source. The latter is the safer alternative for oil burners. In getting an oil burner, one has to consider the size of the water bowl, getting a large one is good. The distance between the candle and the base should be greater than 6 centimeters, which prevents faster heating, and thus, more frequent refilling. The water bowl should also be quick and easy for you to clean.

Ultrasonic Mist Diffusers

This is the more popular type between the two, as they make use of movement of water to disperse the essential oils. This diffuser comes with a flexible membrane at its bottom that vibrates in an ultrasonic manner. Which then causes the water to vaporize, and thus bringing the oil particles with it. You have more options for this in terms of operations, and it is hence, much safer as you don’t have to deal with heat or an open fire.