Evan Lysacek is a True Olympic Champion

Evan Lysacek is the 2010 Olympic gold medalist in men’s figure skating. Earning that medal was a long time in coming. It took years of dedication, hard work and discipline. Along the way he had guidance from a veteran coach Frank Carroll and a master choreographer Lori Nichol. Lysacek also had the support of his family, friends and dedicated fans. When it came time for all the accolades after winning the gold medal. He said that 99% was earned by his coach and 1% for himself. Carroll taught Lysacek not to be a selfish athlete, but to be gracious and thankful to the sport of men’s figure skating.

In his interview with NBC commentator Bob Costas, Lysacek said that he worked for the full experience of the 2010 Olympic Winter Games in Vancouver, Canada. He wanted to remember in the years to come his performance on the ice. It had nothing to do with a gold, silver or bronze medal. It had to be that Olympic moment and what an incredible moment that was. After Lysacek finished his “free skate program” Carroll told him that whatever happens you know you did your best on the ice. Lysacek overwhelmed on every level.

After Lysacek beat Yevgeny Plushenko for the gold medal by one point. Plushenko turned to his country of Russia and put down Lysacek. A sore loser. Lysacek responded with graciousness and respect for the Russian skater. He told Bob Costas that Plushenko was a hero of his and admired him for his dedication to the sport of men’s figure skating. Lysacek went onto thank everyone else first before himself. If that is what Carroll taught him then that is the true character of an Olympic champion. You never do it alone. In all of his interviews Lysacek talked about his respect for men’s figure skating, coaches, choreographers, fans and the Olympic spirit. He told Costas that he would still be happy with any medal because he performed his best at the 2010 Olympics.

The journey of an Olympic gold medalist is not an easy one. Evan Lysacek skated all his life and earned a spot on the 2006 Olympic team. He fell in his “short program” and landed in tenth place. That moment was very defining for him because he came back in the “free skate program” with determination and jumped to fourth place. He became a competitor on the ice. That was the beginning of his journey as a champion of men’s figure skating.

Can you imagine for a moment four years of working on the ice? Jumping, falling, competing, winning, losing, injuries and seeking perfection through victories and defeat. Lysacek went through all that and more leading up to the moment when he felt that gold medal against his chest. In an extended NBC interview Lysacek discussed his love of the sport of figure skating. Choreography, music, costumes, speed, twisting, jumping, grace, masculinity and the wind across his face. Every body muscle used when he steps onto the ice intrigued him. He claimed to be a sponge by soaking up every aspect of not only his sport but also the sport of ice hockey, basketball and other athletes. He learns from everyone

Through it all Lysacek has become a gracious Olympic champion and that will be remembered for years to come. He definitely earned that gold medal and it all began with that thrilling “short skate program” and ended with a near flawless “free skate program.” It will be an experience long appreciated not just by Lysacek, but also by us as well. I’ve watched both programs a dozen times or so and all I can say is “wow.” I was never a fan of men’s figure skating. Now I am. Congratulations Evan Lysacek. You are a true Olympic champion.

In conclusion, to reach the level where Evan Lysacek is right now is no mean task as it requires a lot of determination and focus towards the achievement of goals. One reason for that is that Lysacek, aside from being talented had an important quality that many stars lack and that is not letting success go to his head and remain grounded and humble even after being at the top. He considered skating as his passion and saw the skating rink as 안전토토사이트as it became a platform of success for him.