Features of SOG backpack

The following are the specific features that make SOG backpack unique in their own way.

Variety: These backpacks come in variety of colors and sizes. These allows the user a wide range of choices of the type of backpack that suits their needs and preferences.

Durability: SOG backpacks are known for their durability and resistance to abrasions, tears, scuffs among other rough activities.it is great for a wide variety of activities. It is strong enough and survives whether one is using the pack daily or more often.

Water resistance: The material used to make these packs have a polyurethane coating. This coating help increase resistance and reduces any chances of water entering the packs. It protects the contents inside the packs from soaking.

Light weight: SOG backpacks have a good balance of weight. They are light and allows one to carry them around without getting tired depending on the content load in the backpack.

Versatile: This is a type of backpack that is known for its high resistance to liquids, chemicals, temperatures and UV lights.  It will not soak liquids and add extra weight to the backpack. It also doesn’t make the backpack smell in case it comes into contact with any liquids. It can be used in desert, semi desert and sub Saharan areas as it has high resistance to extreme temperature.

Strength and weight: It is made from chlorosulfonated polyethyne synthetic rubber that is strong. This material is high performance and is lighter in weight making this backpack convenient.

Protection: The top pockets of these backpacks are rigid shells to help protect the contents that are inside.

Flexibility: Inside the top of the backpack is a soft flexible pocket that closes and is flexible enough to hold small tools like cameras, pens among others.

Convenience: It comes with fastening straps that are adjustable to a person’s preference hence making it comfortable as desired.