Football’s Ten Commandments for Ball Carriers

1. Though Shalt Always Carry the Ball with a Four Point Grip

Don’t you hate when a guy carries the ball like a loaf of bread, or worse, when a quarterback runs past the line of scrimmage still carrying the ball like he might throw it. When these guys fumble the ball, I just want to punch them in the face.

2. Though Shalt Not Extend the Ball Out Unprotected

I hate when a player tries to extend for a first down only to have the ball swatted from his hands by the defense. They don’t seem to understand that it is better to come up short than turn over the ball.

3. Though Shalt Not F Up a Hand Off

Man I hate when a running back can’t take a hand off. All the quarterback does is stick it in your stomach buddy, the rest is up to you. See it goes like this. 1) Put arms around ball. 2) Run. It’s not rocket science.

4. Though Shalt Protect the Ball When Running Up the Middle

I love those replays where you see a ball carrier come up the middle and then WAM! One defender sticks a hand in there and that’s all it takes to pop the ball out. Look guy, when you’re running through the line someone is going to touch you. Cover the freaking ball.

5. Though Shalt Put Thy Shoulder Down and Plow Defenders

Nothing I hate more than a running back that runs standing up. Just because he is suppose to tackle you doesn’t mean he will. I wish coaches would whack every 220 pound running back who gets tackled by a 180 pound corner with a rolled up newspaper. Despicable.

6. Though Shalt Not be Tackled by the Kicker

My favorite kicker, Ted Nugent (NUUUUUGE) is quite good at tackling run away ball carriers. If it’s anyone other than Nuge, you best not be taken out by a guy who never lifts weights, doesn’t get timed in the 40 and never bothered to learn how to properly tackle.

7. Though Shalt Not Attempt To Randomly Pitch the Ball

People will hate you when your attempted pitch bounces into the hands of a defender who runs it into the end zone to win the game. There is way more bad than good that can come out of a spontaneous pitch.

8. Though Shalt Run Away From a Punt Thou Doesn’t Intend to Catch

I think that punt returners who touch a ball they didn’t intend to catch should be subject to shock therapy. It’s NOT hard. RUN AWAYYYYY.

9. Though Shalt Follow Thy Blockers

Why bother calling plays if a back won’t follow his blockers. That pulling tackle might as well sit down on the snap and watch you shake and bake your way to a three yard loss.

10. Though Shalt Not Run Backwards

The most infuriating thing to watch for a fan, a coach and your team is when you decide that if you run 20 yards backwards you’ll be able to slip all 11 defenders for a touchdown. This is terrible logic. If you haven’t noticed, most touchdowns come from running FORWARD and (gasp!) following your BLOCKERS.

In conclusion, football is a game that is more a battle of wits than physical exertion as what matters is studying your opponent’s mind by reading his face and conclude what would be his next move. For football lovers across the world, do visit the site and get your football index bonus code to get to know more about the sport in detail.