How to Get the Daily Bingo Bonus in RewardVille

It can be really easy to get the daily bingo bonus if you follow this guide. First, before you play any Zynga games that are linked into RewardVille, visit the RewardVille page. There are nine possible squares that can have any one of the 10 games that are currently linked to RewardVille. Occasionally, RewardVille will provide a free bonus sqaure that counts toward the three in a row bingo. Look at the nine squares and choose the three games in a row that you would like to play in order to make the bingo. To get to the game faster, click on the bingo square and it will take you right to the game. After you are done playing the game, go back to RewardVille to make sure that the square is checked off. After completing the third game, visit RewardVille and click on the button to claim your reward. You need to visit RewardVille to claim your bonus, otherwise you will not receive it even if you have a bingo. The other thing that you need to remember is that you need to play games that will reward you experience. If you have reached the maximum level in a game and can no longer earn any experience, then you will not be able to check off that square unless they decide to change the rules. For example, some people have reached the current maximum level in YoVille and can no longer gain any experience in that game. Those people will not be able to play YoVille to get the daily bingo bonus.

You may notice that in order to get a bingo, you will need to play a game that you may not play at all. If you really want to get a bingo, you will need to play that game or some other game. For example, there may be two squares that have been already checked off from games you’ve played. The last square that you need to check off might be Zynga Poker which you don’t play that much. In order to check off that sqaure for Zygna Poker, all you need to do is play at least one hand that gives you experience. You get experience just for being in the game even if you don’t win. It also helps if you have someone gift you some Zygna Poker chips so that you have some chips to play with when that square comes up again.

Here’s some tips of how to get experience in the other RewardVille games. To get experience in PetVille, click on World, and then Games. Playing the bubble popping game should get you enough experience to check off that sqaure. To get experience in YoVille (if you are not at maximum level yet), click on “Do Jobs” and then choose a job from any of the job categories available. Using energy to try and complete a job should be enough to check off that square. To get experience in Treasure Isle, just click on any map and dig. Digging usually gets you experience in Treasure Isle. To get experience in Mafia Wars, click on Jobs, and then choose a job to do. Using energy to do a job should get you enough experience to check off that square. To get experience in Vampire Wars, click on Missions, and then choose a mission to do. Using energy to do a mission should get you enough experience to check off that square. To get experience in FarmVille, plow the land. You will probably want to seed the land as well with a crop that takes a day to grow, if you don’t play FarmVille so that you can harvest it the next day. Remember that crops can wither in FarmVille, so try and remember to harvest any crops that you plant. You don’t need to grow too much, just enough to have some money to plow the next time that this square comes up. To get experience in Cafe World, just cook something. Remember that dishes can spoil in Cafe World, so try and remember to serve any dishes you cook. If you don’t play Cafe World that often, just choose a dish that takes about a day to cook, so that you can serve it the next day. You don’t need to cook that much, you just want to cook and serve dishes so that you can have money to repeat the process the next day. To get experience in FrontierVille, just clear some land, feed animals, or chop down some trees. To get experience in CityVille, build buildings or just collect from them.

Remember that it is possible to reach the maximum allowable daily points without completing a bingo. That is why it is very important to visit the RewardVille page first before playing any games, so that you don’t accidently lock yourself out of a bingo. All the playing strategies of the games should be verified through the 먹튀플러 site. The guidelines of the playing will be provided to every player. If you follow this guide and visit RewardVille every day, you should be able to get a bingo every day.