The Horror Story of Losing Luggage Before My Cruise

Taking a week-long cruise should be the highlight of your year. Leaving the world behind for seven days of food, fun, and relaxation is a wonderful thing. A cruise ship is basically a floating hotel where everything is taken care of and your life is worry free,

That is, unless your luggage gets lost on the way to your port. An early morning flight to Miami found my wife and myself upgraded to first-class. Was this a good omen? The cruise line promises it will handle all transfers and baggage issues, so the next time you will see your luggage is when you check into your cabin. This seems great, in theory.

We board and head to our cabin to freshen up before we embark. We find my wife’s pink suitcases and nothing else. We find out my bags never made it aboard the ship. A cruise official promises to track them down and get them on the ship.

We leave for our seven-day excursion and I still have no bags. No word yet from the powers that be. We decide to just go casual that night and wear what we have on, thinking my bags will turn up soon. As luck would have it, I had packed an extra pair of boxer shorts in my carry on with my laptop and address book.

The next morning, still no bags, and I found myself shaving with my wife’s razor. The ship had provided a bag of toiletries for me to use until mine arrived. I was told my bags were lost and will be sent to Nassau and delivered to ship later that day as that was out first port. We did a few things around Nassau and then headed back to the ship expecting to find my bags. No luck, they had not arrived in Nassau and this ship is getting ready to leave. At this point, poor ship officials are at a loss and offer me $150 credit to the clothing shops on the ship to buy some duds.

Now, I really want to get out of the clothes I’m wearing so I buy some shorts and a couple shirts. I feel like a new man, but I still want my luggage. We have a day at sea next, and I’m sure they are not going to helicopter some luggage on to the ship, so my next hope is they will be in the Cayman Islands for me.

A few people on the ship we met continue to laugh at my misfortune and it becomes a running joke. We steam to Grand Cayman, but we are informed that due to weather we won’t be going to Grand Cayman now, but it will be our last stop on the cruise. I’m told I have a decision to make. Get my bags sent ahead to the next port, or have them wait in Cayman for our stop there in two more days.

I end up getting another $200 out of the ship to buy additional clothes and supplies and live for about three for days without my luggage. With one day remaining on the trip, I finally take possession of my bags. In the meantime I bought new socks, boxers, shirts, slacks, and shorts.

I end up getting home with a bunch of new clothes and I don’t even have much laundry to do. A luggage horror story didn’t end up being all that bad after all.

Nevertheless, losing your luggage before cruise is nothing short of a nightmare and if it contains all your personal belongings and documents, then it can become an added headache and unlikely ever to be found. This may not encourage you to buy kvaliteetsed reisikohvrid but can definitely serve as a lesson to give higher priority to your luggage for future trips and have them insured for good measure so that atleast the amount can be recovered.