Innovative Systems By Clearcoin

ClearCoin is part of a multi-billion dollar industry that revolves around the selling and purchasing of media on various decentralized applications on a bigger and better digital environment. In terms of market capitalization, the industry landed billion only this past 2017 but experts say that it will undoubtedly reach the initial trillions within the next decade. Rapidly growing industries attract a lot of other businesses, like the newly developed decentralized applications, blockchain ledgers and platforms that come with the buying and selling of media.

ClearCoin’s Systems Powered by The Token

ClearCoin’s Tokens power a system called the ClearVision Dashboard and what it does is basically execute numerous media buys through Omni-Channel Dashboard. The said Omni-Channel Dashboard features some of the major publishers including Instagram, Google and Facebook as well as Display Ads taken from a number of the best supply sources available in the industry. It’s able to facilitate the launch of well targeted campaigns with the help of advanced demographic, AI + ML Cohort and Sentiment tools. All user data are anonymized through the ClearCoin SmartProfile Ledger; the SmartStone Ledger lets clients track the ad inventory by implementing the Next Generation Blockchain Technology.

Applications built with imagination, analytics can be brought with the user no matter where they go; these are campaigns that can actually travel with the user which provides a kind of clearness that users require the most. Key data points can be tracked within seconds thanks to The ClearVision Application for Android and iOS. Notifications could also be highly customized; the notifications are mainly based on the behavior of everyone involved in the team. Receive and sent the correct message send to and from the key data points. Lookout for all the great and exciting updates and insights which the platform will be able to find.