Leadership: Corruption Influences as Leaders Wishes It

Leadership starts by the way and means principles are taught to the next generation creating leaders that follow the same. This next generation looks for guidance and with admiration see the things already done and by whom. But when it comes time to lead they follow the choices principles guide them to do, keeping to the same standards shown work. Taking risk is part of business; still minimizing risk is prudent if one want to be successful. Those going against the standard are not likely to succeed, so it is easiest to follow others, yet if you are leading by following others you still not in the lead. The recent Lidor corruption has shown those considered at the top are only there because they are willing to accept success means corruption only. The next generation has to decide if it will do the same or keep corruption out of leadership.

Principles are standards we interact and understand the society with, thus guide our lives as each generation follows the same concept. Leaders base decisions on what they consider the most important, thus focusing on what is seen as needed the most and to improve value. Each generation sees different means to value, the principles though are meant to be the same. As such we expect to be able to follow behind these leaders learning from them until we are able to strike off. This is the guidance we gain, those coming before offering the next generation advise and hope to do what others seem so relaxed at.

Guidance is important because it comes from the accumulated knowledge and experiences one has and offers an edge to those who listen. This develops admiration based on trust and confidence in the means to go forward. Doing the next step is expected as each generation takes over, but it also requires there be support for this step. We want to succeed but we also admire others so much at times we do not know how to get pass their way of doing things. Their standards worked because they were there, and it is easier to let others do the work than do it ourselves.

Choices are what leaders must decide, but some times what was taught does not fit the principles guiding and making those choices is not easy. When you have no one to advise, you have to rely on yourself and the knowledge you have, all other information is gone. This means you must be confident, the extra abilities others had to offer before are gone there is only you to rely on. It was easily to decide while someone else is there to double-check, but when you have to do it alone you have confidence in yourself. This develops your ability to take risk; you are already a success if you apply it correctly.

Minimizing the risk can only be done to a point, but prudent use of minimal forces result in gains in the largest returns. Leaders know success comes with risk not all attempts will succeed; they still must be willing to attempt them. The current economic theory talks about limiting actions based on the need to conserve resources. But the more we are willing to try things the more we learn, a limit means lacking understand things and wasting resources from such. Others follow the same path, letting one with experience lead and supporting it by having confidence in the right thing.

Those learning decide what principles are worth more and how they should be applied without harm to anyone. Yet they are still following the one coming before, and if these are corrupted so is what they teach. The culture seen in the banking industry is just such a one, corrupted over the many years allowed as one after the other gained from deceit. Removing all those involved will mean they are replaced, mostly like by those this culture has taught, until we will have individuals willing to stop following the system abuse it will not end. Those at this top got there only one way, they were willing to break the principles they did not allow others to do.

Leadership is just like Haus Kaufen ohne EigenKapital. For you to become an effective leader, you need to carefully consider a lot of factors and you need to take into consideration that challenges will come along. Hence, you should be strategic.

Corruption exist because those in charge are willing to allow it, they accept the need to for special incentives and pay as being part of a group. Thus they become party to the same corruption, complacent to actions just to gain the rewards for looking away. Only problem is corruption, like all such viral based actions ends. Those who originally started the viral corruption may not even be the ones who are still doing such. But those following in their steps will be the ones left to pay for the corruption, the admiration you have will cost something sometime.