Map Types In Overwatch

            When it comes to games which would require two teams to pit themselves against each other, one of the most important aspects there is to the game would most definitely have to be the map, which is the case in Overwatch. For either competitive or standard play, as well as certain Arcade modes, these maps are selected for the match randomly. This match has caused the overwatch crack to be one of the most sought after, as their map definitely deserves to be explored. Having said that, there are the map types of Overwatch, and what makes it so special.


            There are two target points placed on the map sequence for the attacking team, and the team assigned as the defending one must be able to prevent them from moving into the said place.


            In this kind of map type, the attacking team has to make sure that the payload is successfully captured, and in this way works the same way as an Assault target point. It would also escort it to the intended destination, up until the defending team would prevent them from being able to do so. In other words, this somehow works as a combination between assault and escort.


            In this type of map, the team that’s assigned as the attacking one is supposed to escort a payload to a delivery point until just right before the allotted time gets consumed, all of this while the defending team is attacking them. You have to pass checkpoints which extend the match time, and stop the payload from retreating from a particular point.


            In this kind of map, the team would keep steady on a common point of control, up until all that ought to be captured gets captured, with the game on this map being in a best-of-three game type.