Menopause Facts

Most of us want to live long but we don’t like what comes with aging. Nobody likes wrinkles, failing health and menopause for women.  Once you hit 40, changes occur in the body occasioned by fluctuating hormonal levels. Every woman experiences different menopausal symptoms but most women will experience the symptoms for up to four years after the onset of menopause. The symptoms are uncomfortable prompting many women to find relief. 


The most common symptoms include a plummet in sexual interest, sleeplessness especially at night, a dry vagina, pain during sex, aching joints, osteoporosis due to feeble bones, hot flashes and extreme mood swings in some cases.

Aging men usually experience a drop in the production of the hormone testosterone.


The most common treatment involves replacing the lost or fluctuated hormones. Hormonal Replacement Therapy, involves administering oestrogen, progesterone and other hormones in form of capsules, sprays and other forms. Sometimes, testosterone supplements are administered to help with low sex drive. Each individual receives treatment according to their specific symptoms.

Criticism has thronged this method of treatment because health experts say artificial hormones eventually interfere with too many body processes leading to more hormonal problems and more severe symptoms.

Nutrition experts also help women overcome or minimize the discomfort by encouraging the women to take soy, milk and other foods that build up their hormones. Menopausal women are also advised against smoking and indulging in alcohol.

Vaginal moisturizers can help women with dryness while lubricants can help with lubrication during sex.


Counseling or support groups can sometimes be helpful to Menopause Toronto women and other women in the globe to deal with the emotional strain caused by menopause. Treating it as a passage of life rather than a disease is good for the emotional health of menopausal women and their families.

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