MySpace, Facebook- Latest Craze or Craziness?

Back in 2005, I was performing on stage in a Improv group in West Michigan. We performed about once or twice a week at a coffee shop and another local gig. Through some light promotions, we were offered a gig at the comedy club in downtown Grand Rapids with our own night. After all said and done, we did end up turning this down and the group did eventually break up.

During our quick rise, the leader of the group announced that we all need to sign up with Facebook and MySpace. My first response, why? That’s a thing for teenagers that have nothing better to do. He told us it was to help promote the group and get fans online and such.

OK fine, so I signed up with MySpace, and later on, Facebook. First off, the site really isn’t clear how to do your profile properly. You look at some of these profiles and they have these awesome backgrounds and other nifty features. I spent close to six months trying to figure out how to customize MySpace. Now don’t get me wrong, I design great Web sites no problem. My issue is that when I design a Web site, I like to do it old-school, in notepad. On MySpace you can’t do this. It wasn’t until I was at someone’s house, and I sat there watching their 9-year-old update his MySpace account did I figure out how to do it. The craziness of the social networking site will be excellent with the private options at the account. How to view private instagram profiles without following the account of the person. Regular posting of the content will be beneficial for the person. The lifestyle of the person will be changed without any problem.

That’s got to be the dumbest way in the world to do it, and I can’t believe I didn’t figure it out after six months. You go to these template sites, pick one you like, then you go back to MySpace and in one of the boxes that you fill out on your profile, you simply paste the code. DUHHH. I consider myself somewhat smart when it comes to this Internet stuff. I wasn’t old, I was in my mid-20s during all this.

I look for some templates and all I can find are these gothic vampire templates and just plain stupid ones. I decided to pick some crayon template. Here it is six years later, I still have the crayons. Whatever. Despite the troubles with this, MySpace has been a great site! I’ve been able to connect up with people that I haven’t talked to in years, and also get connected up with cousins. My family was one of the older ones in the extended family, so many of my cousins are/were teens at the time. Great! I get along good with most of my cousins, many I only see at the get-togethers once every 4 years. You’re talking 40 cousins that live across the country.

MySpace kept changing things, and it just got stupid. Now don’t get me wrong, MySpace is still popular among many people, I now ignore it for the most part.

I got into the Facebook craze about 4 months ago. I started looking for some more of my cousins and people that I went to school with, and had some pretty good luck. The feeds were great, you could keep up with what everyone was doing. Then I realized..Wait a minute..The stuff people write, half of it used to go into private diaries, and now it’s going right in front of half the world to read.

Facebook has been a good site, although they keep changing things. These sites keep changing things to “make it better” but in all honesty, all they’re doing is screwing it up. Human nature doesn’t like change very well. We get used to it one way, and if changes are made, we go screaming the other way.

At the time of writing this article, the biggest craze on Facebook is using the apps. More specifically, Farmville and Mafia Wars. Mafia Wars never interested me. I tried the Farmville app, once. It made absolutely no sense to me at all, and I couldn’t figure anything out. This wasn’t my first game app I played, I had been playing Restaurant City for about three weeks before trying Farmville. I’m back to just Restaurant City.

Now Restaurant City is just like its name. You build a restaurant, design it, keep it clean, all that good stuff. For those that are into simulation games such as Simcity, the Sims, this is a good game for it. I’m obsessed over those games, I can play them for hours. Which explains all the time I’ve wasted on Restaurant City. I would seriously turn it on in the morning and next thing I know, it’s 6 p.m. Where’d the day go?? The game itself is rather boring, but there’s so much you can do.

I’ve come to the conclusion that Facebook and MySpace are for those that have no life. We all get on those sites because we’re bored, but, as it happens, many of us get addicted. I remember the days of logging into my MySpace two or three times a day. Now I’m lucky to log in once every 2 weeks. So, it’s up to you to decide..If you do sign up for these sites, if you don’t want to get totally addicted, don’t play the apps. If you do, you’ll begin to wonder..Is this the latest craze, or the latest craziness of human nature taking over?