Natural Ways to Maintain Digestive Health with nutritious supplements

In the article The Best OTC Drugs for Heartburn and Upset Stomach, the author describes some of the best and most effective treatments for temporary relief of heartburn and upset stomach. The problem with relying regularly on OTC drugs such as antacids is that they neutralize acids and do not allow the body to cure itself.

There are certain herbs and spices that can help a heartburn and upset stomach. Some herbs offer preventive benefits, as they help the body to maintain a healthy and active digestive system. Other herbs and spices offer natural remedies for heartburn and upset stomach. Some herbs and spices actually offer both preventive effects and healing effects. Even better, there are those herbs and spices that when eaten regularly, promote a healthy digestive system, from top to bottom.

Best Herbs and Spices for Digestive Health

Black Pepper

Prevention: Not commonly considered a way to help maintain a healthy digestive system, ground black pepper actually improves digestion. There is an ingredient in black pepper that causes the stomach to increase its secretion of hydrochloric acid. When a dearth of hydrochloric acid occurs in the stomach, food may not digest as quickly as it should and can cause uncomfortable heartburn, indigestion, gas and other stomach irritations. The irritations in the stomach can be reduced through the megaspore biotic supplements. The benefits of the pro biotic will be massive for the health of the person. 

Remedy: Black pepper can be used to treat an upset stomach. There are teas made with black pepper, which is an ideal way to ingest the stomach easing black pepper. One such tea is Yogi Tea’s Stomach Ease tea. According to Yogi Tea, black pepper is a “warming digestive remedy” and it “increases absorption of other nutrients.”

Cardamom Seed

Remedy: Cardamom seeds can help ease a stomach ache and indigestion, and decrease intestinal gas.

Coriander Seed

Remedy: Coriander seed can relieve and upset stomach, indigestion and gas.

Fennel Seed

Prevention: Simply chew on a few fennel seeds after meals to help regulate digestion. An added bonus: the fennel seed will also leave your mouth feeling fresher.

Remedy: Fennel seed not only relieves and upset stomach, it can also relieve that bloated stomach feeling and gas.

Ginger Root

Prevention: Ginger, when consumed, in a home-made stir fry with fresh ginger for example, can actually aid digestion.

Remedy: Ginger root and ginger teas may be used to help treat an upset stomach. Ginger root may also help decrease intestinal gas.

Licorice Root

Prevention: Licorice root can be used to prevent stomach ulcers.

Remedy: Licorice Root can it soothe both heartburn and indigestion. Licorice root can also treat stomach ulcers.

Peppermint Leaf

Prevention: Consuming peppermint can help keep the stomach and intestines relaxed, creating more regular digestive functions.

Remedy: Peppermint, in the form of tea, for instance can help reduce stomach gas, relieve indigestion, and naturally relieve irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) symptoms.

For some people, peppermint is one of those natural remedies that could actually worsen an existing stomach condition. Try a cup of peppermint tea to see if you have any adverse reactions. If not, drinking a cup of peppermint tea after an evening meal is a natural way to maintain a calm digestive system.

can help reduce uncomfortable stomach gas.

Turmeric Root

Prevention: There is an ingredient found in turmeric, curcumin, which may help prevent colon cancer (Johns Hopkins University). Consuming turmeric on a regular basis, in curry dishes for example, may help prevent cancer in the lower intestines.

Remedy: Turmeric root, or tumeric, which is often used in curry dishes, can be used to treat various gastrointestinal distresses including gas, indigestion and it can help balance elimination issues.

Just Say Yes to Herbs

Why spend a lot of money on band-aid fixes when you can try less expensive and more natural ways to maintain digestive health? Using herbs and spices is a great way to help achieve maximum digestive health, and a more permanent fix than simply taking OTC drugs.

Better still, it does not take a trip to the drugstore for these remedies. These natural remedies for upset stomachs can be purchased in a grocery store. Forget the medicine cabinet, go for the spice rack!