NinjaBoot: One Of The Best Stresser/Booter For IP Addresses

All of these ipbooter and ipstresser apps is one of the shadiest worlds that there are, and one of their main purposes is to attack a certain IP Address and force it into a DOS State. In this state, which is the Denial of Service, it’s going to be hard or impossible for someone to gain access to the internet, sometimes for 5 minutes, sometimes more. In return, you are able to get faster internet by several Gigabytes for yourself, or at least, bar their connection to the internet world for some reason. If you are looking for a service to avail for this need, then NinjaBoot is one of them. What are its features? Let’s find out below.

Driven by Privacy

Only the data that’s needed to function optimally is being stored on this site, and everything else that may get you caught is off the grid totally, which keeps you at peace in terms of your safety.

Minimal Logging

One of the things that makes NinjaBoot unique is that they have the ability to remove your usage data completely, rather than other sites that only offer a 99.98% clearance for data logs and storage.

Advanced Network

If you are looking for an ipbooter service that comes with both Advanced and Standard Booter Networks, then this is the perfect one for you, as you are able to find one that better suits your needs, giving you a price point that you really want and deserve.

Trusted Security

The data here at Ninjaboot is encrypted well, with an Encryption rate of 256-bits, TLS. This is also paired with the security practices deemed best in the whole market. This means that all of your credentials and information are hidden as securely as they can be.