Ten Tamia Songs that Are a Must on Your MP3 Player

If ever there were a criminally underrated R B; singer in the business, Tamia would be the top of the list. With a soulful Soprano that seems to reach out and sing to your very soul, Tamia has a voice that is impossible to forget. From the very first moment I heard her voice, I knew she was something special and have been a huge fan ever since. Here are the songs that made me a fan and will probably make you one as well. Moreover, click here for Free music downloads as well.

  1. You Put A Move On My Heart

I absolutely fell in love with this song the very first time I heard it. With a voice so pure, so soulful and so immaculate you would think it was a veteran, Tamia gave us a dazzling vocal at the young age of nineteen. This is a love song from the opening notes to the very end as she sings words of adoration to production by legendary Quincy Jones. This song was featured on her debut album as well as on Quincy Jones Qs Jook Joint.

  1. Poetry

You’ll find many of the songs on this list are ballads and that’s because Tamia’s expressive Soprano is tailor-made to deliver these slow songs. “Poetry” was featured on her third album More and is a gorgeous surprise towards the end of the album. It’s got some nice organ and vibraphone giving a nice backdrop to her almost gritty vocals. I could listen to this song all day long. If you haven’t heard this song you need to because it’s phenomenal.

  1. So Into You

This was her second single and I remember hearing it on the radio all the time when I was down in Vegas. I was just entering a new relationship with this computer graphics guy from Illinois and this seemed to capture that heady, walking on the clouds feeling of new love I was experiencing. Too bad he was a spineless mama’s boy. Even though my affection for him faded quickly my love for this song has managed to transcend the trauma. Her gorgeous and airy soprano soars effortlessly over some relaxed and dreamy production. This was also featured on her debut album Tamia.

  1. Officially Missing You-

The acoustic guitar is such a nice backdrop for her voice and this shows beautifully on this simple but moving track. Produced by 7 Aurelius this song has some very faint strings but it’s an organic, laidback performance. There are some finger snaps, some squeaking of fingers over the frets and you get the impression she’s sitting right there singing in the room. It’s a very intimate track. This another highlight from More.

  1. Stranger In My House-

This is such an immense, awe-inspiring ballad and was the showcase track of her sophomore effort A Nu Day. Although I felt that album didn’t live up to what she was capable of this song is an instant R B; classic. Written by Shep Crawford (also responsible for Deborah Cox’s “Nobody’s Supposed To Be Here”) the song features some guitar and some nice synthesized keyboards but as usual, it all pales in comparison to her dynamic voice.

  1. Sittin’ On The Job

There is a bluesy, loose vibe to this song against some relaxed jam about thinking about a love affair while at work. This vocal is fantastic as she effortlessly delivers her smitten take on new love. The guitar on this song is really good and the whole song is put together nicely from the soft, feminine background vocals to the handclaps. You’ll find this one on her latest Between Friends.

  1. Rain On Me-

In many ways this song could easily be written off as stock, generic R B; track but Tamia works her magic and makes it a gorgeous little song about loneliness and hope. The song has a nice backtrack but the power of the song lies in her vocals. Her soprano delivers all the emotion and longing and the music just makes a nice backdrop. This is another song from her self-titled debut.

  1. Love Me In A Special Way

This is a gospel-flavored cover of an old Debarge song and she does it justice. Her vocal is filled with some great piano and her pretty soprano caressing the familiar melody. It rides nicely on a post-New Jack Swing beat, an elegant string arrangement, and her pleading to be loved. Who could resist her with those pipes? Look for this one on A Nu Day.

  1. Why Ask Why

This is a sensuous, smoky jam that comes towards the end of her third album More. There is a sense of allure established by a pretty saxophone melody that counters the keyboard motive running throughout. She wonders why her man is doubting her and asking why in their relationship. It’s a subtle but beautiful song

  1. Love and I

Dramatic and forlorn this song is an expressive ode to being disenchanted with love. Only accompanied by a piano her voice is magnificent and the melody is gorgeous. Some timpani comes in on the second verse as well as some gentle guitar and the song is stormy but you can feel the sun peeking from between the brooding and grey clouds. A string orchestra jumps in towards the end. This song was featured on her most recent album Between Friends.

Tamia is easily one of the best R B; artists we have currently recorded. Her warm, vibrant soprano penetrates your heart, fills your sense, and makes you believe. While I love many more songs by her than what is represented here these are the ones that have earned permanent MP3 player status. In one word; essential.


Top 5 Things Not to Do when Dumping Your Significant Other

Many people know how hard it can be to dump someone. Sometimes, it just has to be done. Maybe she cheated on you, or he hurt you, or it’s just not working out in general. Even when you know that neither of you is feeling any connection or chemistry, sometimes sating those words and officially ending the seriozni zapoznanstva can be torture. At times, while a relationship is not working, you’d like to maintain a friendship. This can be very hard to do, and, I’ll admit, not always possible. I can’t tell you how to make it happen since every situation is different (and I haven’t mastered that yet, myself). However, I can tell you what doesn’t work, and what you should never do when dumping someone (and that I have mastered, unfortunately).

  • Do not use clichés or be mysterious –

If you want to remain friends with your soon-to-be-ex you need to tell him or her why you feel the relationship is not working. Saying something like “It’s not you, it’s me” or “maybe someday you’ll understand” not only does not explain anything but also shows your future ex hat you don’t care about or trust him enough to tell him how you feel. You’re leaving a raw and unresolved problem, and it would be difficult to get around it in a friendship.

  • Do not do it online or over the phone –

This is the “cowardly” way to do it, and I’ll be the first to admit that it’s tempting. But, like in my previous point, it just makes the other feel like you don’t care. It’s also easier to lie when you’re not in person, whether you intend to or just inadvertently try to hide your feelings.

  • Do not have someone else do it for you –

I went out with a guy for a week once, and it simply wasn’t working, so I told him we needed to talk. He agreed to meet me later. I told a friend how I felt and that I was planning on dumping him. Before I got a chance to end the relationship myself, my then-boyfriend instant messaged me online. “I know what you wanted to talk to me about. So-and-so told me.” This is a horrible way for a relationship to end. Even though I was going to end it anyway, this hurt ten times more. Don’t do this. Seriously. (Needless to say, I did not remain friends with either of them for much longer).

  • Do not hook up with someone else –

All this will achieve is bitterness, hurt, and distrust. It will also alert your new hook-up pf your possible cheating habits, and he might not trust you. Why kill two birds with one stone? (Assuming, of course, that you aren’t hunting, and the prospect of dead birds is an unpleasant one in the least).

  • Do not let the relationship die out on its own –

I’ve tried this one, too. I was going out with someone (who was also a good friend) when I went away for the summer. When I came back, the relationship just… ended. Neither of us said anything, and we eventually moved on to other people. This was both the easiest and hardest breakup I’ve ever had. I avoided the hurt of the actual process of breaking up but had to live with the hurt that followed me afterward. We tried to pretend as nothing had happened, but our friendship was never the same, and eventually, like the relationship, died out. We only spoke about it a year later, and by then it was too late. My advice to you is this: don’t assume that dealing is easier when you don’t go through a legitimate breakup. Trust me, it’s not.

I hope you never have to go through a breakup, but just in case you do, keep these few things in mind.

How to Unclog a Sink

Unclogging a sink is one of those messy jobs that no one enjoys. However it is a job that needs to be done from time to time so here are some simple solutions to get that drain running.

If you have more than one drain backing up you probably have a clog in a main drain (stack). If you are not experienced with an auger / snake or do not own one, you may want to consider calling a plumber. A professional should be to handle this job quickly.

If you only have one drain backing up, then the clog is probably in that area. The first step is to remove the strainer (if so equipped). Most bathroom sinks will have a pop-up strainer. Strainers are generally removed by unscrewing the pivot rod under the sink and removing it. This will allow the strainer to be pulled upwards. Some strainers simply rest in the drain and can be lifted out, and others are removed by twisting them, then lifting. Often strainers will be cover with soap residue and rotting hair (that smells delightful!). Removing the soap and hair will often open up the drain. If your drain is still clogged see the plunging steps below. In order to unlog the sink, a person can find any of our cheap Baxi boilers for less spending of the money. There will be involvement of less efforts and time in the process.  

For kitchen sinks start to remove the clog with very hot water. This may remove a grease based clog and will at least soften the clog. The next step is to plunge the drain. Be careful not to use too much force, especially on wall hung bathroom sinks. Run water into the drain until it backs up into the sink a few inches to allow the plunger to seal better. Plug up overflow holes and the 2nd drain in double basin sinks. Plunge quickly up and down to loosen the clog. Hopefully you will hear a gurgling sound as the clog comes loose.

If plunging does not work you are probably back to using a snake / auger or removing the trap under the sink. Or you will need to call a plumber.

Remember the old adage that an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure? This is certainly true for sinks. First, prevent items that are not intending to go down a sink (hair, grease, etc.) from going down the drain. Carefully discard cooking grease by pouring it into a disposable container. Use closed strainers to keep hair from going down the drain. In kitchen sink run a few minutes of hot water down the drain a couple times a month. The hot water will loosen and remove any grease deposits to keep them from building up.

What Are The benefits of gambling?

Gambling has now become one of the most lucrative opportunities for making a healthy earning. But you should apply the best tricks in order to win the game of gambling. If you want to experience some of the most exciting and interesting gambling games online, then nothing can be the best way-out other than contacting an experienced Bandar Judi online

Key benefits

  • Gambling is full of entertainment and fun, and thus your boredom can be easily killed by it. Many fun gambling games have come into being, and you can choose them for a great time-pass.
  • Gambling has the power to stimulate the local economy. People can participate in it by earning lots of money. To be more specific, this particular sector generates huge money which ultimately stabilizes the overall economy at the end of the day. 
  • If you want to make some instant cash or money for meeting your immediate requirement, then you can definitely rely on gambling as the most effective solution. You can also lead a happy and luxurious lifestyle if you successfully defeat the gambling odds.

You can now play gambling games with your friends and can enjoy extremely happy moments of your life. For participating in different, exciting gambling games, you do not require going anywhere; instead, you can do the same by sitting back at your home by choosing online casinos. Your mood and personality will get improved if you play these games. 

Many people think gambling is a criminal activity, but in reality, it is not. Do not get disappointed even if you lose any game as winning and losing are the two sides of any game. You should try learning the most useful strategies so that you can get the chance of winning again and again and can have lots of money.

My Taxing Tax Refund Frustrations with HR Block

Thinking that I could obtain a higher refund by going to a professional. I went online a researched local Tax professionals in my area. I was impressed by the H  amp; R website. So I head out to my local H  amp; R Block and had them prepare my tax returns. For what I obtained, here are some things that I wish I had done before having my tax returns done. Along with the payboy, some source will make other software modules available at the online sites. There will be obtaining of the desired results through checking the reviews of the software.

Researched reviews

I wish I had read reviews like this one and others such as Yahoo Local. I then would know more about the customer service and performance of H  amp; R Block as a tax professional. If I had read reviews, I would have known that sometimes you feel like cattle when you are trying to get your taxes done at H  amp; R Block.

The place looks like a warehouse with tables computers and chairs. There are no rooms in these offices. The desks are lined up as a flower arrangement and there are usually 8 to 12 computer terminals in a big open space. There is absolutely no financial privacy at all.

Asked About Busy Times

I know that during the tax season, every day is a busy time for tax professionals. I simply wish I asked these tax professionals at what time did they have the lowest appointments. If your going to have to deal with an open space with 12 computer terminals and no privacy, a person might as well as about non busy times.

When I first walked into the H  amp; R Block office, I was met with a crowd of people and no where to sit. People and their families were all crowded into this small waiting room. Even though I had an appoint, I still had to wait roughly 45 minutes to get my taxes done and electronically filed.

Ask About Prices

If you shop around for fashion, medical insurance, and food, you need to shop around for the best price for this. For about thirty minutes of computerized work, I was charged $100.

I’m happy to say that H  amp; R Block does offer online federal tax and state tax e-file for half that price now.

Ask About Experience

When your shopping around for Tax professionals, make sure you ask the person about their years of experience and knowledge of new tax laws. I had asked my tax professional at H  amp; R Block if she had known about current deductions for students. She looked at me like a deer in oncoming headlights and the mumbled something about IRA accounts.

I’m a first year Accounting student and I know about Educational IRA’s but I know that unless you already have an IRA, you cannot use the benefits of an IRA in your tax files.

Make sure that you have a list of questions to ask about deductions and credits. If you feel just a smidge of being uncomfortable, then don’t use this person to prepare your taxes.

Check The Small Print

As a major tax professional, H  amp; R Block offers a rapid refund for your e-file. The rapid refunds are also known as RAL. RAL are subject to credit approval. The refund anticipation check is subject to additional fees.

Sit down and actually figure out what the fees are going to be for the rapid refund loan. My stupidity cost me $300 and I’m not the only one. There have been many families who have mistakenly giving away part of their refund check because of the RAL.

Read The NewsGo into your tax preparation with knowledge of new tax laws. For example, this year I know that I will want to know about residential energy credits and the long distance excise tax credit. This is additional money that can be in your pocket.

Is Our Country Going Bankrupt?

What is really happening to our Country? With so many Americans loosing their jobs and so many walking away from their homes or loosing their homes. The richest Country in the world and it is in trouble. They have taken our jobs today and moved them to Mexico, or over seas. Is there anything made in the USA today? Our carpenters today are not born in the USA, the illegals took a good honest trade and turned it into an $10.00 an hourly wage job. That is all the contractors would hire. I know this for an fact, my husband was in the trades for over 35 years and more and at the last 10 years of his construction life he could hardly get a job to support his family, let alone buy us an home.

The illegals with their green card would knock him out of work. Why was this happening? The home builders were getting want they wanted why couldn’t they afford to pay the American workers and keep them working instead of hiring someone with a green card. It was greed. Cheaper wages and they could hire an whole bunch of illegals who could not speak English and the quality of our homes was becoming less and less of the quality. The contractors were looking for quantity. The home prices were at their highest level, maybe to high, the average American worker could not afford to buy a home. So who were all these people buying and selling. It is all the people who already had a home and they sold it and wanted to buy a bigger home. Who got caught holding the bag with these mortgages with the high interest rate and interest only payment? People like you and me. They lost their American dream.

None of your money is going to the principal, it is only going to the interest. Who is getting all the money from all of these homes that are being repossessed or bank owned? Of course the banks. Where did all these people go, that lost their homes, their possessions, their cars, and their jobs? They moved out of the State or with friends or family. Why is the City’s scrambling for more money and cutting jobs. When the people are still paying their taxes, still paying for their car tags, we are taxed on everything. Is it greed, that has got us into this mess, to many sticky fingers? To much spending. We need to get these old politicians out of Congress and put new ones in, that will be for the people and not for themselves, and cut their salaries? They would vote for their own pay raises. I love my Country and the United States of America is still the best place to live, but we need to take care of country and not be the problem and get to the solution. The hiring of the san diego bankruptcy lawyer can save the country from going in the bankrupt. All the information will be available with them to win the case for the country. 

Keeping Your Dog Looking Good

Dogs are not only man’s best friend, they are part of the family. Professional grooming can be expensive, but most basic grooming can be done at home with little or no trouble. With a few inexpensive items, you can save money and keep your dog looking nice and feeling good between trips to the groomer.Bathing

If you find yourself with a squirming, whining pooch at bathtime, it’s likely because your pet feels insecure in the tub. Avoid difficulty down the road by beginning a bathing routine with your dog at an early age. How often to bathe depends on your dog’s lifestyle. Dogs that spend more time outdoors will be dirtier and may pick up more parasites, prompting more frequent baths. Those that spend time in the house won’t deal with these issues as often and therefore should be bathed less frequently. But in either case, don’t bathe your dog too often. Dogs need the natural oils in their fur to remain healthy, and over-bathing or using the wrong type of shampoo may strip out these oils. Just like fennec fox handling and potty training, you have to carefully determine all the factors when keeping your dog look good. There is a proper guideline and you must follow it. 

When determining how often to bath a dog a good rule of thumb is to bath dogs with a thick coat no more than once every eight to 10 weeks. With their easily matted hair, for instance, poodles should be bathed as often as six weeks. Dogs with course hair should be bathed every four to six weeks. These guidelines will vary from one dog to the next.Trimming the Nails

Even if you aren’t giving your pooch the full grooming regimen, his claws may need clipped frequently. Dogs that live indoors will not wear down their claws naturally and may require clippings more often than outdoor pets. Claw trimming should begin during the first few months of the animal’s life to accustom your pet to the routine. Specialty cutters such as the scissor cutter should be purchased from a pet supply store to make the task easier. Most of these cutters have a guard on them to help the groomer avoid cutting into the quick. Hold the cutters at an angle and cut small pieces of the nail off little by little to avoid cutting too much.

Dogs with extremely hard nails, such as Siberian Huskies, may require additional tools to aid the process. One popular tool used by owners is the Pedi Paws system that works by grinding the nails down a bit at a time. A similar nail-grooming tool is sold by Dremel.Brushing

Just as with other grooming methods, brushing your dog should begin at a young age. You can find specialized brushes for different types of fur at pet stores or in the pet supply aisle of your local supermarkets. Brush with the direction of the hair instead of against it. Brushing against the grain could hurt the animal or cause too much hair to be removed.

Another good investment for the at home groomer is a flea comb. Flea combs have short, closely spaced teeth that aid in the removal of fleas and their eggs. Even if your pet has been placed on a treatment for fleas, he may still get an occasional parasite on his coat.

You may not be an expert groomer but having these tools will save money and keep your pet looking great between visits.

Reviewing The Hp Pavilion Dm1z

A few weeks ago, I was able to borrow a colleague’s HP Pavilion dm1z laptop and I must say that I was pleasantly surprised by the device. Most people assume that smaller laptops are incapable of stacking up to the bigger ones, but it seems as though the dm1z is a surprise powerhouse. At under 3.5 pounds, this device is lightweight and small. It boasts some great features though. With that in mind, here is a review of the HP Pavilion dm1z.

The Best Offerings From the HP Pavilion dm1z

This dm1z is an 11-inch laptop that is priced at around $450. With over 8 hours of battery life, the dm1z is one of the longest lasting computers out there. It features a powerful processor and graphics card that will surprise plenty of users. HP’s device is resistant to heating up, so it isn’t going to be that hot on someone’s lap. On top of that, it features an HDMI port, High Definition capabilities, and much more. HP really chose to pack on the features for this device.

Without a doubt, the processor on this device is incredibly powerful and will beat most other laptops with ease. The graphics card is powerful enough to almost be able to play some of the bigger video games for PCs, but it won’t actually do so. Still, other small laptops won’t even boot up such games. Browsing and typing with the dm1z is simple because the device features a full keyboard. There is plenty more to like about this version of the Pavilion too.

Some Minor Issues

The only major issue with the HP Pavilion dm1z is the fact that it doesn’t support 3G or 4G yet. However, this laptop computer will soon be getting an upgrade that will allow it to run on 3G networks from Verizon and AT T.; As expected, the dm1z isn’t exactly as powerful as some laptops, so gaming and intensive programming are out of the question. There are no major issues with this device though, which is surprising because smaller laptop computers are notorious for certain problems, such as low battery life or a lack of power or even a lack of features. According to computer repair company, this laptop is not usually brought to them by their customers because this device has really great features and durable quality. Overall, this device has just some minor issues that can be addressed or fixed with the help of professionals.

Is it worth buying?

Anybody who uses a laptop for gaming, programming, or other intensive tasks won’t want to give the HP Pavilion dm1z a try. On the other hand, individuals that are looking for a small and portable computer that can be used just about anywhere, including tight spaces, will love using this device. It’s compact, powerful, full of battery life, and more. High Definition will be enticing for some users while the lightness of the device will attract others. Undoubtedly, there is a lot to like about this device and very little to despise. It’s worth a shot for just about anyone.

Declutter Without The Dumpster

Spring cleaning your home often includes decluttering. Eco-friendly decluttering doesn’t always end with a trip to the dumpster. While decluttering and cleaning your home, keep in mind ways to repurpose, recycle or reuse an item.

1 Donate Books 

For all you fellow book lovers out there, I know how the books can pile up beyond your means of proper storage. You loved them when you bought them, but somehow they have just added to the clutter and they have to go. Consider donating to your local library, school or women’s shelters. One of these places can usually put the books to good use or they will sell them to benefit the organization.

2 Donate Magazines 

Elementary school teachers love to receive magazines. They use them for the children to cut out pictures and it helps out our underpaid educators to provide materials for their class to use in lessons.

3 Donate Clothing 

Clothing is very much in need at homeless shelters, women’s shelters or you can donate them to Goodwill or a similar organization. The clothing will go on to another life and provide much needed resources to someone in need.

4 Dispose of Chemicals, Oils and Other Hazardous Materials Properly 

Don’t just throw these types of items in the trash. Make sure you take them to an authorized processing center for these items. Most oil can be taken to your local auto parts store for disposal.

5 Donate Furniture 

For gently used furniture, you can donate it so that someone else can benefit from it. Check with your local charities before bringing it to them, as some of them do not accept items of furniture, such as the Purple Heart donation stations

6 Host a Sale or Neighborhood Swap 

Have a garage sale or host a neighborhood swap, so everyone can get rid of something they don’t need and bring home something they do. You can make a few extra bucks with a garage sale and donate the leftovers.

7  Purge Your Pantry 

This is a good time to clean out the pantry and donate things that you aren’t using. I myself have bought condensed milk with the good intentions of making pies with it and I just never have the time. I would rather donate those types of items so someone can get some use of them before they are no longer useable.

8 Consign Your Clothes 

If you have some really nice clothing items that you just can’t part with because of their quality and value, but you no longer use them; consider a consignment shop. Women’s and children’s clothing in gently used condition is especially in demand at consignment shops.

9 Recycle Whatever Possible 

Before you throw something in the trash, find out if your community offers recycling. My city has curbside recycling cans for each resident to use as they would a trash can so that we can have our recyclables picked up weekly. Other cities have recycling facilities that you bring the items to yourself.

10 Repurpose When Possible 

Perhaps you have a neighbor who uses those milk jugs or soda bottles in the garden to start seedlings. Find out who you know that has a creative use for your clutter before you clutter up the landfill with it.

With these amazing tips, you can certainly save a lot of money from availing dumpster rental Pomona, ca. You can also help other people for giving old books for example. Also, it will make your life easier and convenient. You no longer have to worry for more mess around your place.

Studying the Needful for CBD Oil Companies

When the topic is about health and its remedies, your choices are very limited to choose but there are some that do make the cut and merit many discussions of their own and today we are going to talk about one of them that have proven to be a breakthrough.

CBD oil is a term that not many people are familiar with but leaving that aside, we will discuss about the potency of their caliber on why they deserve to be better known in a broader context.

Cannabidiol Oil is the complete term of this oil and its potential can be gauged from the fact that it has treated diseases and ailments of various kinds that is both normal and life threatening.

Best CBD Products

They come from the most tropically inhabited areas and are taken from the extracts of cannabis/marijuana plants so people are quite skeptical on whether it will work or not but rest assured that there is nothing to worry about as these contain medicinal properties that are best utilized for health purposes.

Therefore, we are going to list out some important CBD products that will enhance your knowledge on which one to choose and also you can decide on the company profile that sells them.

  1. Cannabis Oral Tincture-
    It has a soothing feel to it when applied on any part of the body and greatly reduces anxiety and depression to instill a sense of calm and relaxation in the mind
  2. Zion Medicinals Spagyric-
    It acts as a balm for joint and muscle pain and most preferred for CBD gummies
  3. Flora Sophia-
    It greatly improves your health by boosting immunity and greatly manages chronic illness by controlling it
  4. Eureka Effects-
    It is the perfect remedy for insomnia and depression and is also capable of healing wounds along with swelling and inflammation