Properties Of Water As Polar Molecules- A Theory To Note

Water is called as the ideal polar molecule component as the first thing we learn in our chemistry class, in the article, we will discuss the properties of water that commands it as the easiest way to understand the concept of Polar molecule. Water contains 2 molecules of hydrogen and one molecule of water that makes it universal solvent, you must hear the same during your school years. Before learning and going through details of water as Polar molecules let us know what the concept of polar molecules means exactly to know properties related to water better.

Polar Molecule- A quick go through

Polar in simple English means two different directions in exactly same manner means non-reacting and nonforming with each other. Polar molecules in scientific terms mean the same, it is net dipole concept that results opposing charges with slight positive charge and a bit negative charge arranged as we say in scientific term asymmetrically. Molecules are formed with electrons, protons, and neutrons, the easiest way to go remember Polar Molecule is to remember that unequal distribution of orbital is called Polar Molecule.

Why is Water Polar in nature?

Water as whole theory is neutral in nature but the arrangement of uneven distribution of Hydrogen with two molecules and oxygen with only one molecule makes it an ideal example to be called as a Polar molecule. Water is also called as a good solvent, chemistry gives the theory that molecules of water aligned with the positive end is very strongly glued and magnetized towards the two molecules. This is the clear cut reason why water is called as a good solvent.

Therefore the bottom line of the theory says sharing of electrons between Oxygen and Hydrogen as water forming agent forms covalent bond and an ideal polar molecule.

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