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The Discoveries About Ashitaba Tea 

As Dr. Inmori from Japan’s Osaka University, along with his colleagues, has been exploring on ashitaba, they discovered that this is completely enriched in antioxidative substance which is known as chalcone. In the previous researches, the most natural source of such substance was celery. However, there is only a little amount of this antioxidative substance in celery. With Ashitaba, it contains more or less 10{ce12bee441199aa9f41e21f8862376aebf689483b1e799f5162d1604def738e4} chalcone and other natural antioxidants such as Vitamins E, C and A.Antioxidants have been discovered as the most natural substances which work well in supplementing the diet. As a result, there will be a positive and broad effect on the overall health and well-being. It improves the immune system, prevents joint and skin inflammation, and lowers risk of age-related illnesses and diseases. 

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