Review of the Worn Paper System – the Average Persons Guide to Making Real Money on the Internet

Well, today I bought an ebook called The “Worn Paper” System – The average person guide to making real money on the Internet. A friend had recommended it to me, and he said that it didn’t cost an arm and a leg. Having some experience in Internet Marketing and making money online, I figured I would get it and read it. Also, the person that recommended it was an experienced Internet Marketer as well, so I trust his judgment.

Now, of course, every book about making money online is going to say that it is a good book, so I went in trusting my friend’s judgment, but somewhat skeptical that I wouldn’t learn much new.

The book is a very simple, quick read. I personally like that. A beginner could read this and benefit a lot, but the writer does not take too much time focusing on basics, like finding hosting for a website, that you can learn anywhere.

There isn’t anything about spending money on Pay-Per-Click advertising. The book is more focused on making money WITHOUT having a huge budget or any budget. This account based marketing is an effective way for all those that are low on budget or have absolutely zero budget for their online marketing. You can learn all about this through the book as well. 

One thing I somewhat disagreed with is that the writer says that to get started you would need about $100 safely, although that’s an over-estimate. However, I found as I read the book, I could see how you wouldn’t necessarily need any money to do a lot of the methods mentioned to drive traffic to a site. You could implement some of the free methods, and just market someone else’s product (aka affiliate marketing). But I would see how you would need $100 or less if you were going to invent and market your own product.

The writer talks about how to make money online with an information/ebook product, as an affiliate marketer, or developing software. There’s some good information about picking different markets that were helpful. I liked the ways the book said how you could write a good Ebook, and not be an expert. For example, you could do an interview with an expert on a subject, and split the profits.

Then, the writer talks about how to make money in any of these areas. Some ways mentioned to drive traffic to your site are blogging, Viral reports, E-mailing lists, eBay, and more. There were some creative ways to market things for free that I hadn’t heard. In addition, it mentions what blog and article sites would be most likely to be picked up by search engines. As I said, all of the techniques are free, and that’s the best thing. For a beginner, this information is extremely helpful. For the experienced, it sharpens your skills.

I liked what the “worn paper” was as well. I suppose I shouldn’t give it away. I printed it out and will keep it on my wall as the method to use every time I market a product or software. It is a great blueprint.

In conclusion, I would say that for the new person, the downside to this book is that you might have to do some research to do some of the techniques in the book. Such as, making a website, learning what an autoresponder is, how to write decent articles/reviews (which you basically learn by DOING). But the upside is that if you don’t have a huge budget, don’t know how to use Google Adwords and Yahoo Search Marketing well, and want to know some good ways to start an Internet Marketing to career the book is a MUST BUY.

For a highly advanced internet marketer, you will know a lot of the information mentioned in the book, but will probably learn some new things and techniques to drive new and free traffic to your sites.

Either way, the information will be helpful, and for only $27 (compared to a lot of other ebooks on this subject I’ve bought), you are looking at a STEAL for this information. Most of them are $40-100+ that I know of.

If interested, go to Worn Paper for more information.