Social Media Marketing And Branding

When you are writing in social media: writing tweets, writing facebook updates and adding content to your blog, it is important to spell check and to read what you have written. Even then, editorial content is easily littered with improper grammar (I read over everything I write, use spell check and read again and I still will find errors – sometimes weeks later. Did I say how happy I am that I don’t work in print?) I found this post about how to treat your content in social media marketing and I felt that this is something fresh, not written about often.

Here is the quote, “The editorial management of social media should not be viewed that differently to editing a magazine, newspaper or television program. If you are a large brand with a million followers on Facebook for instance, there is an absolute requirement to keep those fans interested. Brands need to curate and provide interesting content. They need to find a consistent tone of voice. They need to engage effectively with their fans. As with more traditional publishing such as magazines or newspapers, if the content is not hitting the right notes, if it does not respond to what the readers ask for and engage or entertain, it risks losing those readers to a rival. The same is absolutely true in terms of brand’s social media presences.

Just as the traditional publishing world has suffered audience decline through the increased competition offered by a fragmenting media market, the same is rapidly becoming true in the world of social media. If as a brand, you have converted a fan through Facebook for example, you have to nurture that fan and grow your relationship with them or risk losing them to a competitor brand.

With an increasing number of brands building their social media presences, there is an increasing level of choice for consumers. Realistically, consumers are not going to be-friend every brand they vaguely like. They are going to cherry pick the very best, so if as a brand, you want to ensure it is your status updates that are filling your user’s news feeds, you need to quickly recognize that your role is one of publisher.” Read the entire article here (and can I mention that I corrected a spelling error or two?) Luckily, with the web, it is so easy to go in and fix. Read the entire post here.

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