Steps You Can Consider To Know How You Can Do Blender Camera Tracking

Have you ever heard about blender camera tracking? If you talk about the video effects, camera tracking is the process used for recreating the camera path, which is taken by the actual real-life camera. If you want to understand the camera tracking in the photo blender application and learn how to use that feature, you can just check this out!!

Steps to consider…

Here are some of the steps that you can consider that will help you in many ways, including stabilizing footage, placing effects, or even placing the 3D models in the scene. If you want to learn the ways to use that feature, then you can check out the steps mentioned below-

Prepare footage- 

First, you need t record the video that you want to work on, and the video should not be longer than 10 seconds, and it should be in the form of small video clips. You need to make sure there is good light and then transfer it to your PC and at last convert it into the image sequence.

Import the sequence of an image- 

When the video you have created is in the form of a pile of the image, you need to go to the movie clip editor and then click open. After that, you need to select the picture one by one or by pressing A.

Add tracking markers- 

When the footage is ready, you need to add the tracking number, and that can be done just by some setting you will find under the tracking setting menu.

Tracking the footage-

Once it is done, you need to track it, which you can do by pressing Alt+ Right Arrow. There can also be many common issues.

Solving the camera-

 If have you have done that, you need to create a 3D camera and solve it; you can also set the 3D scene It is the final step that you need to do from where you have to choose the tracker.