Tallinn Cruise: Things To Know At The Port

If you have already managed to set the päiväristeily tallinnaan, then there are quite a few things that you have to know. This is in order for your entire cruise experience to the place to be one of the best, indeed.  The port of Tallinn is indeed, one of the best routes associated with touring, given that the place is large, and that the capital of Tallinn has been a place for trade ever since the early medieval period. If you are taking the cruise to Tallinn, and would be going down for a brief stopover then here are some of the things you ought to know.

Secure your Pertinent Personal Documents

These personal documents include a Passport, as well as a valid Identification Card. This is a must for all of passengers who cross the border, as required by international security for passengers. The passengers should be responsible for their valid documents, with shipping companies not compensating for the passenger’s ticket, even if their trip becomes cancelled for reasons pertaining to their personal documents.

A Lost and Found Box is Ready

One of the good things about the port of Tallinn is that they have a Lost and Found box ready for those who may have forgotten some important items at the port. Having said that, all that passengers have to do is for them to email ts@ts.ee, with Lost and Found as words, as well as including necessary details.

Dealing with Pets

When it comes to travelling with pets, owners have to take full responsibility. This would entail submitting of necessary documents such as animal passports, as well as tickets. Muzzles and cages are supposed to be provided, and owners have to make sure that their pets do not disturb passengers.