Tips for web designers

Quite honestly, there are a lot of great Web designers out there. Some have lots of experience and some are fairly new to the industry. There are many designers that work solely on corporate identity, some logotypes and some like myself, are logo illustrators. All of them are out there to create the perfect identity for your brand. But, not all of them are what you may be looking for.

Heres a few tips on how to narrow down your options to help you hire the right one.

1) Style. First and foremost is the designer’s style. How does that fit into your project? Do they have a slick abstract shape sort of style, or is it more illustrative? What are you trying achieve with your communication? If your needing something more iconic, than a character specialist probably won’t fit the bill.

2) What type of logo? Is it a corporate logo, a product logo, a sports logo, an event or even a promotional logo? There are even logo illustrators. I know, I know we’ve broken it down into even TYPES of logos, but some designers work well with promotional parameters and some don’t. Check their portfolio and see. Whilst logos are important part of web design.

3) Portfolio. You wouldn’t go to a restaurant you’ve never been to and order without looking at the menu first? You might, but you probably wouldn’t be happy with the selection. The same goes for logo design. Take a good look at their work and see if it’s what you were looking for and if it fits your project.

4) Communication. Give your potential candidate a call or e-mail and carefully explain what you are looking for. No one can get inside your head and read your mind, so be specific–if needed, provide samples. Open dialog throughout the project will definitely help make sure everyone’s working from the same playbook and prevents errors, wasted time and extended budgets.