TV Shows I’m Sick of Hearing About

Sometimes there’s a television show that gains such a public buzz that you just want to avoid it like hell.

Well, at least that’s how I tend to react. There’s something antisocial in my TV viewing habits, and I don’t see anything wrong with that.If you want something new and fresh in term of movies and tv shows then catmouse apk is what you should be downloading. With this amazing app you can enjoy some of the most amazing movies and tv shows as you watch them with your family.

Now, unless there’s a copious amount of nudity or violence, it’s hard to get me to sit down for any hour long TV show, but here are a few shows that still get recommended to me on a daily basis from friends, coworkers, and fellow inmates. Please study this list carefully and avoid approaching me with any of these TV shows: I will never, ever be as interested in them as you are.

Grey’s Anatomy

I’m sure that this show about a doctor is completely different form all of the other shows about doctors out there. Really, I am. But I still can’t bring myself to watch it. Medical shows don’t do it for me.

Maybe it’s because I tried watching ER once and threw up out my window onto a passing bodybuilder named Frankfurt, who kicked my door down after severing my telephone line with his teeth and used me as a human toothbrush. Then again, maybe needles just make me uncomfortable. Whatever it is, I’m not watching Grey’s Anatomy.


I was a fan of LOST for a while, until they decided to run the show into the ground like a 747 on a remote jungle island. Watching it at this point must be what having Alzheimer’s disease feels like.

Wait, I’ll think. I thought she was dead…oh, she is. Then they must have found out…oh, that’s supposed to be a door? It doesn’t look like…oh, is this going to be some sort of a nuclear thing? God, I thought for sure that they’d said…oh, right, there’s some sort of a virus, isn’t there…

On and on until my brain stops working and I’m forced to live on pudding.

American Idol

Kid walks in, sings, Paula Abdul has nice stuff to say, Randy Simon says “dog” a lot, Simon Cowell is a dick. Welcome to absolutely every episode of American Idol. Oh, and eventually, they add a live audience. And I don’t like Ryan Seacrest, either. I’d think of more to write, but it’s a one-dimensional reality show with uncanny popularity and staying power.

This is why terrorists hate our freedom.

The OC

If I want to see a bunch of kids in California whine about their problems, I’ll just…actually, no, I can’t think of a situation where I would want to see that. Maybe if I was looking for a way to torture myself that was more painful than testicular electrocution, or if I decided to become emo. Other than that, this is pretty much not going to happen, so you can stop telling me about this show for a while.