Whatsapp’s Basic Features

One of the most popular apps for communication nowadays allows you to do so without having to pay for prepaid credit. What it does instead is that it allows you to communicate with your contacts without the worry of paying more for SMS fees, as most companies would be charging per message send. What’s more is that it goes beyond traditional messaging as it has a plethora of other features, like status, group chat, and it is even compatible for desktop and web use! Let’s have a look at the features that make Whatsapp stick out from all the rest.

Web and Desktop Version

Too lazy to pick your phone up? No Problem! You can message friends straight from your computer with the use of this app. Whatsapp allows you to seamlessly sync your contacts from your phone, straight to your computer through the desktop app or web.whatsapp.com.

Group Chat

One thing that is hard to do on SMS is a group chat. Whatsapp alleviates this stress by allowing you to do so. You can chat with as much as 256 people, all at the same time. Chat standard features, such as naming the group, muting, and customizing notifications are also available.

Voice and Video Call

If you want to communicate in real time, and if you want to see the person face-to-face, then this is the perfect one for you! Voice and video calls on WhatsApp makes use of internet connection, making things easier and cheaper for you. What’s more is that this feature allows you to stay connected to people from around the world.

Other Features

WhatsApp is actually one of the most feature-rich apps, as it allows you to share documents, voice messages, photos and videos, and to keep things more secure, allows end-to-end encryption, or security by default, making you feel safe and secure in exchanging the most private documents.