Who Will Be Playing Champions League Football Next Season?

Sports are such an avid topic especially due to the advent o telecommunications and that has led to many media houses getting established just for the topic of sports. Many people are also interested in betting and for such people looking for a bandarq terpercaya, you won’t find a better website than this. We are also willing to give you a general idea on the probabilities of the top 4 in the Premier League this season.


Chelsea have almost sealed the title this season and the kind of form Tottenham have been on recently, will mean that Tottenham will also be one of the teams to finish in the top four. Which leaves the other two spots for Manchester United, Manchester City, Liverpool and Arsenal? Our money would be on Manchester United and City due to their superior managers and better form off lately.

The only reason Manchester United aren’t in the top 4 yet is because of the immense amount of draws that they have piled have. United haven’t lost a game in their last 13 games and are probably can only blame themselves or their position on the table now. The kind of football they are playing, they should have been challenging for the title right now. Manchester City have had great games and have a great team when it comes to attacking but their defense has let them down on multiple times. As Pep is getting used to the Premier League, we can only expect Pep to get more control in the future games.

Liverpool and Arsenal have just had holding their games against the small teams this seasons and have been pretty lack luster against the small teams. Klopp has found it hard to keep Pool in the title race with his star players being unavailable. We expect the top 4 to be Chelsea, Manchester City, Tottenham and Manchester United respectively.

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