Word Challenge on Facebook, Are You Up to the Challenge?

Word Challenge on Facebook is definitely a challenge. You will find many people on Facebook who love to play challenging games like situs casino online and more, and participate in leagues. In this Guide for Word Challenge on Facebook we will explain the way the game works and how to get ahead in the game. Also, we will tell you a little about the Pro games available. If you are wondering if there is a team of writers putting this guide together the answer is no. Is there a reason I keep using the word we instead of the word I? Of course there is, after playing Word Challenge you will find yourself trying to use larger words for everything. More letters means more points even one more letter. For the rest of this guide we will use the word you instead of we since again it is one more letter used. On to the tutorial!

Classic Word Challenge How to Play

To play the Classic Word Challenge, you have six letters on the screen that you can use to spell words. These letters need to be clicked on in the order you want them used. The words that you can spell can vary in length from three to six letters long. The more letters you use, the better. The bigger the words, the more points they are worth. The higher your score at the end of the game, the better you are rated. Simple, easy to master and control, nothing could be easier right?

More than Just a Letters Game

When you first start the Word Challenge on Facebook and are ready to give it your all, you will notice a timer on the right side of the screen. This timer gives you two minutes to complete all of the word combinations possible. Once the timer runs out, you are finished. They give your score a rating based on the points in the score. This rating can be entertaining since at the lowest level you will be rated as an infant, then mime, hermit, and so on. Don’t fret too much about the timer though, if your words are four or more letters you will gain some time.

Feeling Brilliant

If you are brilliant enough to spell a six letter word, you can click on the crown button next to the spelling area to go to another area. The original timer is paused while you are in this area. A new timer starts, giving you thirty seconds to spell the exact word. There is only one word you can spell here. The catch? It is one of your Facebook friend’s names. Once done here, whether you guess correctly or the timer runs out, you will go back to the original area with a new set of letters. If you are not feeling brilliant right now, you can use the sort button next to the letters. This will randomly move the letters around, sometimes giving you a better idea for a word.

The Challenge

The Challenge mode is identical to the Classic Word Challenge except that you pick one of your Facebook friends to test your skills against. You play your game and then, when they play their game, the scores are compared. Once you are declared the winner, I am sure you beat them, you will be able to tease them mercilessly about your brilliance.


As you play the game, you will earn points. The more points you earn in Word Challenge on Facebook, the sooner you can open up Pro. Pro gives you a few new options to play. One of the best options is the Practice mode. Practice mode allows you to play the game with no timer. This allows you to improve your skills without getting a low score or the timer running out. Also opened is Word Grid. Word grid is a spelling game where you put words together by linking the letters across the screen like the old word finds we used to do in school. The last thing Pro gives you is Turbo Mode. Turbo mode is also a timed mode for Word Challenge but your score goes on the Pro timed boards. If Pro is what you want to play and you can’t abide by waiting for the points to trickle up to ten thousand, then you can always purchase Pro with real world money.

Kids Playing the Game

I would advise against children playing the game without help. Some of the words can be a bit obscure and some children may find this game more frustrating than fun. If your child loves to spell, wants to learn new words, and is destined to be the national spelling bee champion, then they would love this Word Challenge on Facebook.